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    Not sure if this bit of humour would fit into the joke category but whom ever wrote it deserves a prize...


    ''The Russian Systema expert Vladimir Ishnabakov was hospitalized in serious but stable condition last night after a knife-wielding assailant refused to attack him in slow motion.''

    ''For his part, Ishnabakov has no regrets. “I was relaxed and free of delusions,” Ishnabakov said. “This attacker simply did not understand Systema. Lucky for me, it’s not easy to penetrate a twelve-inch belly with a four-inch blade.”

    Ishnabakov’s surgeon called this a “paradox of fate.” “The belly that’s killing him also may have saved his life,” she said.''

    ;' D

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    well.... hope he recovered since then.
    This is the problem when someone think he/she is a hero. its a well known quote " Heros die first!"
    It seems he was a self made master of Systema. Systema never thought practise only slow.

    Speed as always relative.

    In our RMA Systema methodology we practice things in 3 stages. Static, slow and fast dynamics. It seems the above teacher visited the first class only and walked out as `Master` of systema.

    lets pick any exercise to explain why the 3 stages : e.g. against punch, avoidance and counter punch (could be anything else but lets start a simple one)
    as I said we practise principles/drills in 3 stages. Static, slow and fast dynamics. The first two need to be able to examine how the bio-mechanism works and teach your body memory to pick up the new topics and teach your nervous system to get to the right load for the actual speed. Then gradually can speed up with your understanding level. Speed up up to the point when your work fell apart and unable to deliver the practisable task. Realise this and slow back to the speed where you able to readjust your mistakes and deliver the right work all time (most time). Finish of your practice on this speed.

    This gives you a good feel you progress and your body memory and brain leave the topics in the right state the exercise.
    Hopefully with practise your knowledge deepen and next time when you practising the same principle/drill your slow dynamics level will be at the stage where last time you finished of your practise and probably your fast dynamics failing speed level will be higher and higher in this manner. Please let me know if my explanation is confusing.

    After this you can start a new exercise if you wish depending on your ability and tiredness level on that particular day.

    Above mentioned method is one of the good to follow studying principle in my mind. Some of the teacher in RMA Systema teaches this Principle in their methodology others not. Please be sure you feel confortable in the school you attend. If you have questions you must ask them. A good teacher able to deliver an answer and able to show you too.
    Do not believe in magic but in hard work :p
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    Oh! Oh, dear...
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