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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Ninja.. OF DOOM, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. RevIV

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    For some of the other posters. I know there is going to be a tournament in NH on Nov. 5th. a lot of Kempo schools will be there. It is going to be held at Londonderry H.S.
  2. jpike10

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    What kata (form) are you working on. and which do you like best.
    i just completed bushido 1 last night. and so far my favorite is ripping panther.
  3. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    So most did this.

    Chapel mentioned:

    I gave what he shared with me my own name after he passed based on phrases Parker used to describe it to differeniate between it and other versions of what he taught. However in reality it is the "American Kenpo" Parker was utilizing before he passed away that was still evolving. Others that he may have taught may have other names for it, but to understand it, a person would have had to evolve with Parker into it because of a lack of its hard codification.

    I will say:

    Most have done this and then they don't want it taped or talked about much because there is just so many ways to throw a strike or a punch without stepping on someones toes, or their grave.

    Similar with the thought of it is Nicks not EP's. Maybe, only from your eyes or for your eyes?

    So what is, new?

  4. Ninja.. OF DOOM

    Ninja.. OF DOOM New Member

    Um. Wrong thread for this, bro. No one in this thread ever said that this style is better than any other art. This thread is just to discuss this particular style. And, there are plenty of threads for what you said. Use the search option, bun.

    SPIKE THE RAVEN Valued Member

    sorry , already noticed that and did...what the hell is a bun ??
  6. firecoins

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    to give you an update, my tai chi school has its own swat team. We move very slowly and gracefully.
  7. jpike10

    jpike10 New Member

    recieved blue belt on sat. along with a black eye trophy from sparring.

    SPIKE THE RAVEN Valued Member

    anyone heard about a tournament in bath n.h. march 11th ? sounds like a go ...
    can't get much more local than that for me ...jpike10 you going ??

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