Suggest a studio in Silicon Valley or the Bay Area?

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    hi all....

    So within the next year or so -- I'm still working on some financial and logistical issues in my life -- I'm looking to get back into martial arts classes, here in Silicon Valley. I won't go back to the studio where I went in high school for personal reasons that I won't get into here. But it was a good studio where we sparred at every session. Here's what I'm looking for:

    -SPARRING (too many horror stories about studios where they don't spar!)

    -traditional Chinese Martial Arts (I did Korean martial arts in high school...the emphasis on kicking was difficult for my body; I never had the flexibility in my legs)

    -emphasis on hands, with low kicking. So probably southern CMA.

    I don't know if we're allowed to link directly to web sites on here. It might be considered advertising. But a couple of the studios I'm looking at are "Shaolin Kung Fu Zen" in San Jose and "Shaolin Warrior Arts", also in San Jose. Both claim to have instructors who have studied with Shaolin masters in China.

    Does anyone have experience with either studio? Do they spar there?

    I was looking at Tandez Academy too, which will probably be a good place to go when I get ready to pursue Jeet Kune Do, which I'm interested in...but I want to continue with traditional martial arts first. :)

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    How about Wing Chun? Is there a good one for that in the Bay Area? Choy lay fut? I had a friend in high school who did that with his dad, but we're not in consistent contact anymore so I don't know if there's a studio where his dad went.
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    Sifu Der for Wing Chun - San Francisco Wing Chun

    Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal (my
    Teacher) for JKD -

    Sifu Kelly Lake if you fancy a little Ba gua

    Sifu Arnold Tayam for Taiji -
    The Longevity Center | Map & Driving Directions

    Now, these ones aren’t CMA but I cannot recommend them enough -

    Professor James Hundon (my hero and teacher) for Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing - About

    Guro Jon Ward for Inayan Escrima - Filipino Martial Arts - Inayan Eskrima | ABOUT US

    I have trained with all these teachers (some more than others) and can vouch for all of them in terms of skill and teaching ability
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    All sound interesting. I was having a hard time finding Wing Chun around here, taught by a Chinese-American guy. I'll have to check that out. Jeet Kune Do is something I'm interested in, after I get some more grounding in traditional martial arts. :) Tai Chi with a martial emphasis (while not abandoning the intellectual and spiritual aspects! I'm a martial arts guy rather than a "combat sports" guy, definitely) would be interesting also. Good stuff, thanks. :)
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    For Choy Li fut (and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan), my Grandmaster's school is in the Bay area. Plum Blossom International Federation

    Pretty sure there are other CLF schools of good repute up there as well. Several different lineages I believe.

    CLF is a Traditional Chinese Martial art. However, it has elements of both Northern and Southern CMA's, so if you want purely southern, it would not be a good choice.

    Mod Note: if you want to post the links to the school you mentioned in the opening post for more experienced members to look at and give some feedback/ opinions, that is allowed. :)
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    We don't seem to have the ability to edit posts so I'll do it down here. hmm well we can but not ones we posted yesterday, apparently :)

    Shaolin Kung Fu Zen:
    Shaolin Kungfu Zen | 美国少林功夫禅学院

    Shaolin Warrior Arts,
    Kung Fu Master | Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts in San Jose

    Somebody on another site brought up that studios where the intsructor is wearing Shaolin outfits and talks about having studied with the Shaolin might not be teaching practical martial arts and might be doing more of the performance type forms that the Shaolin do in public performances. But I've seen videos like Fight Quest, where they had MMA guys go to the Shaolin Temple and study traditional Kung Fu, then spar with the Shaolin priests. The sparring was done using Sanshou though, not traditional forms. But the Shaolin were clearly good at fighting. Just as good if not better than the professional MMA guys. But I dunno. I'm definitely looking for a studio where they spar and go in tournaments etc. I want the martial/self defense aspect as well as the spiritual and intellectual aspects (I'm definitely not a "combat sports" guy). Plus I want something that emphasizes hand techniques.

    Tandez Academy that I mentioned above, there's a youtube video where the instructor is giving a birthday card to Dan Innosanto (Bruce Lee's senior student and friend) so they clearly know each other.
    Tandez Academy of Martial Arts

    I think he does teach traditional Wing Chun and Filipino Marital Arts too but the emphasis seems to be on JKD. :)

    aaradia, I ran into that Plum Blossom stuff on the web earlier tonight. Choy li Fut is what a friend in high school did. I read that it has like 70+ movements per form and there over one hundred forms :-O But is it like Wing Chun in terms of emphasis on hands? I'm definitely more of a hand person lol. Never had much flexibility or coordination in the legs. :)
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    No, CLF has both kicks and strikes, so if you want to develop only hand/ arm flexibility/ coordination,it's probably not your best choice.

    But are you not interested in developing your legs? Just curious.

    Edit: Dude! I just looked at the photo gallery of the first link. If you want primarily hand stuff, that school would be a poor choice. Lots of acrobatic jumping kicking stuff!


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    Welcome to MAP, good luck in your search! :)
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    aaradia woah I didn't see some of those well, I could barely kick to the same level as my head when I did ITF Taekwondo, I can't imagine being comfortable with moves like that lol :)

    It's not so much that I don't want to attempt to develop the legs at all...but for example, to me a roundhouse kick (like we have in TKD) is a kick to the torso! :) I can execute a crescent kick in a form -- it's a little uncomfortable but I can do it -- but moves like that are completely impractical for my body in sparring/fighting! :)

    Most people at my studio were a lot better at moves like that than me! :)

    This video makes it seem like CLF is more hand oriented:

    This form does have some high kicks that I'm not sure if I could do well, though.

    huh. I'd have to think about it. :)
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