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Discussion in 'Judo' started by FortuneFaded, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. FortuneFaded

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    Is there a specific belt level to have before you can learn submission holds like an armbar? I was just wondering out of intrest because if you do an Uchigari (i think thats it, minor inner reaping) your still holding to the uke's arm and could prolly easily go into an arm bar (Ju ji gamara??)

    Just a question out of curosity, thanks for any replies.
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    Juji-gatame, and yes, that's a fairly standard transitional technique. In the BJA there is (or was, not sure of the current ruling) an age limit on the armlocks and strangles, but as long as you're over 16 you should be able to do everything as soon as your instructor decides to show you.
  3. Adam

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    Depends on the dojo. I'm a white belt, and in my dojo I use armbars and chokes galore. Well, I say use, I mostly get the used on me. Still, my tapping skills are great :)
  4. FortuneFaded

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    Hahaha, sounds great. I'm a white belt too and well the judo club i go to is really small! So, its quite hard to evenly match people through weight, so i had to fight my friend who weights about 11 stone and i'm at 14 stone!

    Hehehhe, i pinned him :D

    Kesse gatami (???)
  5. Adam

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  6. FortuneFaded

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    yeah i know about this site, its really good. In my posts i'm trying to remember the correct spellings without having to refer to text.

    Kessa Gatame
    Ippon seionage
    Moroto Seionage

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