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  1. So we're going to be putting on some demos this Summer and we're putting together our demo squad.

    We have some really excellent breakers, and these usually are the show-stoppers at our demos. Breeze Blocks put through etc.

    Our school doesn't emphasize the flashy, jumping, spinning aspect of Taekwon-Do. Thats just something I personally love and train, taking a lot of moves from WTF Taekwon-Do. Theres me and one other guy who are really into it.

    So we want to see about putting on some choreographed sparring between us two. [It will be filmed. No worries. :D ]


    In my head its something like what is at 1:38 in this video
    [ame=""]TKD - YouTube[/ame]


    Just want to know if anybody has any advice on training this or what is relatively easy stuff to pull off.

    We already have good levels of flexibility and controlled kicks.


  2. outspokenreflex

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    touch kicks look really cool and they are pretty easy. you can do things like do a jump front kick and touch they other fighters chest then whip out a round house kick, back kick etc before landing again. i realy like to watch throws and joint locks too.
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    [ame=""]Taekwondo - YouTube[/ame]

    these guys are awesome, if only they boxed too!

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