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Discussion in 'Silat' started by GZA, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Thanks for the link Gajah Silat ,very interesting! Whilst there are numerous connections between Vedic India and Ireland I don’t think the ancient Irish got their knowledge from the Vedic Indians, nor do I think the Irish traveled to India and gave the Vedic teachings to the Indians. Instead I believe that the same warrior race which invaded ancient India is the same warrior race that invaded Ireland, I’m talking about the Aryan race, they are the people responsible for the similarities between the two cultures. They were not native to Ireland but escaped a volcanic cataclysm that ended with their island being lost beneath the waves.
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    Satria……. Wali I think it’s a good choice of names! Do all your members have to grow long thumb nails yet :D I guess you could have called it Wali fighting arts but it’s not as catchy!

    I have heard of a silat style called Satria Muda, anyone here know anything about it, history etc?
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    Satria Muda is a dutch-indonesian expression of PS Minangkabau. Their website has an english version too. Check out if you want to learn more about them.

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    silat what kind of martial arts is it (Please dont flame) but like i see a lot of pictures with silat practitioners holding swords so i was wondering is it like kali or is it a stirking martial arts?
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    Where to start? Think of the term "Silat" as a generic term to describe the indigenous martial arts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the southern PI. There are many different types of Silat just as there are many types of Kung Fu/Wu Shu.

    There are some commonalities as bladed weapons are emphasized. There is a flowing type movement in Silat that you would not see in Karate. It is defintely a striking art with all the body's natural weapons being utilized. This is just a short answer mind you and there are older threads that can answer your question in greater detail.
  6. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    Salam mas KC,

    Ma'afkan aku for the delay but...I've actually just returned to Bali after spending a week or so in Java. Due to having Gajah Kecil with us I decided to go all up-market and hire a Turuno for the drive to Java and inadvertantly seemed to become a Jatim taxi servis :rolleyes: :) So a week and a thousand or so miles later, coupled with a family predisposition for motion sickness I'm a little capek :eek:

    So a few days rest and I'll be taking the ferry again!

    A couple of questions for you. Firstly there is a very neat little town between Srono and Jember called Glenmore which made me a little curious :confused:

    Secondly, Mak in law has an artifact inherited from the late uncle dukun which is a kind of bronze pecut or whip which seems to be very old. It is clearly marked with buddhist iconography but has some not to clear Arabic script that appears to have been added later. Any clues?

    To make things a little more interesting 3yr old Gajah Kecil picked it up, proclaimed it was 'for magic' and proceeded to go around casting spells with it. This caused quite a stir :eek:

    Anyway must selamat malam now, and I'll have to see how things pan out in a few days in Jatim :)
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    Salam Mas Gajah,

    Glenmore was established by an Englishman or a Scott back in the 19th century colonial plantation days - I think as a centre for his tea plantation.

    Small cemeti -pecut or whips from bronze often are part of dukun's paraphenalia but don't normally clasify as tosan-aji. They can be old but most often are made to look old and sold through the dukun's clients and network. If you are in Surabaya go see Manshur Hidayat for nice and genuine keris (google his name + keris for address) and you could ask him about your pecut. If you are near Ngawi please drop by, our house is open.

    Salam hangat,
  8. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    Salam Mas Kiai,

    Once again apologies, but I've been pulang kampung since my last post and have been sooo busy.

    I have been playing two types of Silat, so I've learnt some new tricks. A Madura family style and Caka Harimau.

    I already have kris, chosen for me by Pak Jati of Jember and it is very special :)

    It's pulang UK in a few days so I might add a few of my experiences to the forum. I've been asking a lot of questions and getting even more answers ;)

    Selamat malam
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    Need to make a correction. I made it sound like Satria Muda was a pure Dutch-indonesion expression. This isn't the case, there are indonesians Satria Muda schools (SMI) too. I happen to know the dutch school....
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    Nice meeting you, I'm in Alor Setar and yes I know Shafri :) He did tell about you quite a lot but never about you being his cousin :rolleyes: .

    You can email me personally at

    Are you in Kedah too now? Perhaps we can meet sometime.

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    Assalamu'alaikum and peace to all,

    ahh...he didn't eh? well i'm sure to ask shafri about that soon :cool:

    Of course we can meet, inshaAllah. I'm at Taman Darulaman, near the stadium.

    No need for emails, if you want to meet, you can ask shafri to give me a call and all three of us can share some interesting stories on Silat Panglima Istana Kedah. Or you can just call me directly.

    See you soon(?)


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