Study: Americans sicker than English

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Nevada_MO_Guy, May 3, 2006.

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    Ah, right. I completely misunderstood your post!

    Duh! :eek:
  2. NewLearner

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    Totally wrong. American health care is probably the best in the world. It is available when you need and without rationing. Go to a border state and you see the difference. People come to the states from around the world to get medical care. When we lived in Michigan, we had large numbers of people that would come across the border from Canada so that they could get treatment because it was rationed in Canada.

    In this country, if you need medical treatment, you can get it. Almost any hospital will set you up with a payment plan even if it takes you 20+ years to pay it off.

    As far as fat, smoke, drugs, etc., if you think those don't make a difference, you are fooling yourself.
  3. Durkhrod Chogori

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    I guess the bison or elk meat mate cos the beef comes with a good dose of roids and antibiotics.

    I have few American buddies (all lifters) and they say you'd be better to avoid the typical meat products in the US. Stick to the oddities and organic stuff or you'll compromise your health in the long run. I wish I could post all the Journal articles that once one of my buddies sent me. But I lost them :cry:

    Personally I eat heaps of fish, roo and croc meat (back in OZ). And I love it (and miss it as well :cry: )



    Roo (kangaroo):


  4. Durkhrod Chogori

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    BS. If you are poor you have no health care. America's health care system is a corporate game. If you got the bucks (basically a company covering your health care) you are okay, otherwise you are in trouble. Actually there is a high percentage of the American population that has got no cover at all, which means that if they get sick the have to pay for it. And surprise, surprise it happens that they won't be able to afford it because it is daman expensive. The richest country in the world is also the one with the highest social inequalities. Have you ever heard of the term: The gap between the rich and the poor? Well in the US is actually one of the highest in the group of the developed countries.

    Please don't ask me to dig out Public Health Journal articles. I'm too tired to do that.

  5. Unisonus

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    And this is a bad thing because...?

    In the USSR, all of us (with a few exceptions) earned roughly the same income. There was no income gap to speak of. We were all equally poor. Americans don't understand poverty the way Russians do. You have this bogus "poverty line" - and you think that anyone below it really knows what it's like to be poor. Well, if you ask me, your poor Americans are lucky bastards by my standards. And I'd rather be (and I am) one of those lucky bastards, living in this society with "social inequality" - than live as we used to, all of us as equally screwed. The guy who earns millions a week never bothered me.

    And yeah, most of us have to pay for health care here. Go figure... actually PAY for services! The nerve. That's right, and all the evil drug companies rob the poor. Thank God we can always turn to medicine from those famous and productive British drug companies. Oh wait...
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    Durk your missing out mate. Come back home and I'll shout you a nice croc pizza with a tooheys new. :D
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    Everyone comes to England now and lives off benefits instead :bang: :woo:
  8. Durkhrod Chogori

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    You must be living in Katherine, right? ;)

    What are you talking about? :confused:

  9. Penance

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    Americans live longer.
  10. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    And run your pubs and cook in your resteraunts. A very large percentage of the British hospitality industry are Australians.

    Just as many Englishmen come here as opposed to there. Just look at me ;).
  11. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!


    You sure you live in America mate?
  12. Durkhrod Chogori

    Durkhrod Chogori Valued Member

    Yes we treat them as kings and queens whereas they still we are the colony people and convicts. :bang: This ****es me off big time!

  13. iamraisen

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    your just ****ed because you were denied early release ;)
  14. slipthejab

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    So what is 'American' bread? :confused:

    I suggest you do something other than buy crap mass production white bread. Many Americans manage to buy quality bread that has been baked using top ingredients and artisan baking technique. In fact America has been the revival point for Artisan bread baking the world over. Many of the top advocates for preferments, poolish and biga technique for top quality bread have been American.

    In fact it was the Americans who beat out all other countries (predominately European) in the Coup De Monde in Paris. The most rigorous bread baking competition in the world - and if you think the French take bread baking lightly... :D

    There is crap bread in the states - as there is in the UK and anywhere else in the world for that matter. But I suggest you check out some decent bakeries before you slag off all American bread.

    It's clearly not the case.

    If you want some links I can easily provide some.

    If you think the bread is sweet - then perhaps you ate sweetened bread - there are many many breads made with sugar. If the bread tasted too salty then perhaps you were using salted butter - most place serve it as it's much cheaper than unsalted butter and keeps longer - so it's a food industry standard. Not at all uncommon anywhere.
  15. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    I'd have to agree there. The quality of care is great however the cost is prohibitive and the more less you pay the more the quality deteriorates.

    I'm really in deep ___ because of medical bills for my family. I almost couldn't get to work last week because my account was frozen by companies trying to collect. Our healthcare system is falling apart and destroying working families in the process.

    I can't count the number of times I've ignored a condition because I couldn't afford to have it treated.
  16. NewLearner

    NewLearner Valued Member

    How shall I put this? You have no clue about what you are talking about.

    Let's start off with the economics. According to Monday's Wall Street Journal, whole villages in India average approximately a $1 per day per person. Where in the US do you find that type of poverty? Having worked in Honduras, Panama, Mexico, and Canada, and visited other countries, I would have to say the standard of living is the highest here in the States of anywhere that I have ever been. But the amazing thing is that there are plenty of rich people in those countries. Don't you think that makes a pretty big gap?

    Sure, we have some very rich people in the country. We also have some poor people. According to the Census Bureau, in 2004, we had 12% of the population at or below the poverty level. For a single person that means $8,980. If they are that level, they are eligible for Medicaid and other assistance programs. In India, the per capita average income was $560. What programs are they eligble for?

    You state that if you don't have corporate health insurance that you are pretty much screwed. which is a website that is geared for having nationalized health care here, states that the uninsured is 15.7%. Those numbers are hard to be 100% sure of and so I use the highend for arguments sake. Notice how close that 15.7% is to the level of poverty. Those at the poverty level can get free coverage, but not really health insurance, in Medicaid. That leaves about 4% of the population that really isn't covered.

    Now, of that 4% that are not covered, what would they ever do without medical insurance? Surely, no doctor will ever see them without having an insurance card or cash up front, right? Wrong. That same pro nationalized health care web site mentions that the economy picks up the tab for in excess of $100 billion a year in medical treatments to the uninsured. Anyone can go to an emergency room and be treated. (That is not recommended because it is extremely expensive for everyone but many uninsured people do it every day.) Doctors offices and hospitals will work out payment plans for those that need assistance. Pharmaceutical companies have programs to provide assistance for those that need it. And now several states have passed programs that guarantee every child, and in some cases full time students until graduation from college, health care coverage.

    I don't think that there is any doubt that US health care in our hospitals is better than in most other places. If it wasn't would people come here constantly from other countries to get medical care? Or is it just because of the rationing in so many of the other countries that the people can't get their care in their own country and come here to get what their own nationalized medicine fails to give them?

    But aren't you the guy that said:

    And people are supposed to take you seriously?
  17. NewLearner

    NewLearner Valued Member

    Quite sure. Have you ever visited?
  18. Durkhrod Chogori

    Durkhrod Chogori Valued Member

    Think, live and die inside the box. You will find out in one of the kalpas when your spirit is ready until then believe what the news give you.

    What would you know about qi anyway let alone Public Health.

  19. NewLearner

    NewLearner Valued Member

    I don't believe in qi and I am not hindu. I take it you are more or less telling me to go below until I agree with you. Not bloody likely.

    As far as thinking inside the box, I think outside the box just fine. It might pay for you to start thinking, period.
  20. Durkhrod Chogori

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    Don't be angry, please! I am telling you that most sentient beings live in an unawakened state until the day their awakening takes place, which varies according to each individual's karma. Until then...well all think inside the box with no exceptions (even Devas and the alike).

    I am not asking you to agree with me because it's all up to you.

    May you be at ease,


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