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  1. sprint

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    help. im stuck.

    what moves would you suggest when i have the half-guard in and am on the bottom?
  2. EternalRage

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    Eddie Bravo's got a good half guard game. Mastering the Rubber Guard is an excellent book. He works off a half guard setup called the Lockdown, where you have your inside leg hooking underneath the trapped opponent's foot and your outside leg figure-fouring the leg.

    He also covers things like getting your guard back or getting butterfly guard back. Pretty interesting stuff.
  3. KempoFist

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    Bah to Eddie Bravo. I have his Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed book, and I can't make any of his **** work. Only the lockdown I find useful to control people who like to high pass to side control. Most of this sweeps and reversals such as old school and plan B I find completely useless unless the person gives me a lot of space like Rogan does in the pics (they never do).

    Basic principles you want to follow for bottom half guard is...
    a) Don't stay on your back. Don't let them pancake you down flat, cause that's where your opponent wants you to be so they can continue to pass. Lock your feet together in a tight guard, and...

    b) for double underhooks. From there you can control the space between you giving you the opportunity to escape to his back.

    To be honest the most common thing I do, is get to one side, and let them try and work their leg up to high pass. Once they get their weight up high, and start to try and shimmy their free foot in to pass, I post my outside foot, suck their arm in and bowl them over so that I'm up on top.
  4. Agutrot-

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    Sitting into them gives you a lot of options. Arm drags and sweeps are what I usually go for but you can always go for an odd kneebar.

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