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    Loved this card. Totally burned out after work so I missed the undercards but tuned into to see Antonio Silva pick apart Andrei Arvoloski.

    Mad respect for Silva, I always thought he was a decent striker for a man his size but thought he'd be too slow to tag Arvoloski. He got the better of exchanges and hit his takedowns. I do wish he woulda worked that jujitsu he's famous for though. Dude has that unique blend of size and skill so I woulda preferred he finish with a submission even after proving he had the striking skills to outwork Arvoloski.

    Unfortunately the fight was bittersweet for me since I'm a huge Arvoloski fan. Dude fell to the Dana White curse and just hit slump since leaving the UFC. Talking to casual fans many are under the impression Arvoloski has been on a losing streak since the UFC. Many don't realize he left the UFC on a winning streak and despite his recent slump I think he's still the man. This 3rd loss in the row has really hurt his rep and even though I have to admit I myself can no longer keep him ranked in my personal 10 anymore he is still a cut above most of the HW out there he just has ran into a huge wall of exceptional HW competition and hasn't found a way to breakthrough.

    The Overeem vs. Rogers fight was just killer. I am just honestly amazed at how powerful Overeem is. He just punished Rogers with powerful Muay Thai kicks to the leg (YEAH MUAY THAI!). Then he just tossed him down like a rag doll. No real technique just sheer strength. Went for a quick arm triangle but decided to pass and instead rain down punches and knees to the body. The whole time the fight was on the mat I just kept wishing they were under Pride rules so that Overeem could knee to the head from side mount, but that's a different topic, I can dream can't I? Anyways Overeem just punched him until Big John McCarthy had to stop the fight. It was truly a demolition.

    Overeem called out Fedor afterwards and I am genuinely excited. For about five years now I have been praying for Fedor to fight whoever the hell the UFC champ was. Now for once I can look forward to a Fedor fight without the UFC crossing my mind. If Fedor dodges this, or the unthinkable loses to Werdum, I'll have to bump him off my personal #1 ranking. Overeem is truly for that fight, he is defnitely not the same man who lost to Chuck Liddel's knees from the sprawl. I barely recognize him but I like what I see.

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