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  1. booj

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    Pocket Warriors post explains it all!

    Whilst any form of MA training will no doubt help, it all goes out the window unless you know what to expect from a confrontation on the asphalt arena!
  2. Sandy

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    When I was younger I had a very similar experience and the Thai boxing I was doing at the time saved my neck from a rather nasty situation. Despite the explicit sport focus, I have found that Thai/kick boxing translate well to self defence. Though I agree with everyone here about it being best to avoid trouble ... perhaps sprinting is the best self defence training.
  3. Hannibal

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    I think you'll find what he is saying is that no martial art is a guarantee of success on "the cobbles". Certainly I would not expect to have a low-level martial artist to have an "I can now successfully defend myself" approach. I would much rather they have an "oh my god! I hope I never ever get attacked" approach because they will be far more mentally alert and avoid most trouble before it even starts.

    And be careful about "untrained" fighters - they don't have the skill level but are nastier, and attitude wins as many fights as ability
  4. bigd

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    there both effective in street and competition,but there is a difference,if your talking about competition,thats fine but in the street real fighting,then you better work every part of your body.real fighting is more than just a competition,so in competition its fine to just train,but on the streets, you; better get serious, train serious and harder,in every aspect.
  5. K93200

    K93200 Banned Banned

    It sort of sounds of okay to all three, self defence because you'll have variety, and competition because you can now combine some new moves together, and even experiment with combos a little bit
  6. K93200

    K93200 Banned Banned

    Just don't push yourself, street fighting isn't so bad if you be careful
  7. Spanky

    Spanky New Member

    ya it would help but i think normal boxing would help more
    but you shouldnt kick above the knee because it will proberly be caught then your in trouble
  8. K93200

    K93200 Banned Banned

    Oh yea i hate when that happens, but when it does sometimes i just let the person throw me or i just jump on their head and beat them.
  9. Sanitarium

    Sanitarium New Member

    Kickboxing is like, 100x better for streetfighting than TKD.

    Even better, Thai kickboxing (Muay Thai). Combined with some groundwork.
  10. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    knowing kickboxing is a good start. you have to factor in a lot of things though.

    just remember these three things: 1) there are no "illegal" moves on the street. 2) there are no "illegal" moves on the street. 3) there are no "illegal" moves on the street.
  11. Spike!

    Spike! New Member

    I thought i was pretty set on going the TKD route but from what im reading maybe muay thai is better for me. Im kind of a wuss when it comes to fights only been in one and i really wanna get over it b/c i have been confronted a number of times and if i wasnt so slick would have gotten my A** handed to me seeing as though they have always been 2x as big. YIKES!!!!

  12. novicio

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    where is that clip from? It looks painful!
  13. HearWa

    HearWa Ow, that hurt...

    Looks like a "grappler vs. striker" graphic to me. Looks like the striker won that one. :) Strikers are winning more and more now in the UFC. They are getting smarter and learning some fundamental grappling moves. They see it coming.
  14. hedgehogey

    hedgehogey Banned Banned

    More like MMAist vs MMAist. That's Gomi vs one of the younger gracies.

    Gomi is a wrestler primarily.
  15. Jame$

    Jame$ New Member

    I train in muay thai kickboxing and find it very useful for street defense. Mainly because you deal with a wide range of close contact techniques. I may be wrong but from my observations tkd works at keeping people at a distance....What if they penetrate your defense? Then you have to deal with the headbutts, the elbows and the relentless onslaughts right in your face...end of story.
    Don't get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for both the arts but have found the close contact sparring and furious guard work of thai kickboxing helps prepare you for the brawling involved on the streets.

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