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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Taiji_Lou, Apr 14, 2010.

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    I feel this could be the start of something special! :happy:
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    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Micro-dots must be more freely availible than I ever thought.
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    Sound more like Orange Sunshine circa 1968 to me!

    OK,enough levity.

    Warkid-Hi.Paragraphs in the future,please.Makes for easier reading.

    Ueshiba reported a golden light religious experience.He wasn't the only one,but the only martial individual I can think of.

    Such experiences seem to occur when the individual is in some state of stress-physical exhaustion,mental strain,in Ueshiba's case danger-(having a lot of bullets flying around him in a battle),George Foreman was both mentally and physically exhausted when he "burned with fire" in the shower after a terrible defeat at the hands of Jimmy Young,which led to his abandonment of boxing and becoming a man of the cloth.

    Seems that most people experiencing these things are of a spiritual/philosophical bent to some degree prior to the experience.

    Whatever one thinks causes it,the spontaneous movement thing has been reported by various individuals.

    Carry on.
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    Paragraphs, got it.

    Everyone asks, no LSD.

    For years after I have researched for similar stories. I did read "Invincible Warrior" and found definite similarities with Ueshiba's golden moment. As well as an excerpt from B.K. Frantzis "Combat Secrets of Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xing Yi" The further I researched I would find it in Kundalini circles. I was not aware of the George Foreman experience, interesting.

    It was a challenging time in the many facets of my life. I do have a philosophical/spiritual side of me, before and after this moment.

    I remember the spontaneous movement seeming familiar to me as it happened. Almost like I was remembering something I had forgotten. When I came back to class, my friend told me I looked like I was doing Tai Chi Chuan. So I began searching out Tai Chi resources, which eventually lead me to Don Coleman (student of Wang Yen-Nien). As I further in my studies I find resonance in Baguazhang also.

    It made clear to me what I would do for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for the feedback and insight.
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    Invincible Warrior was written By John Stevens the Ueshiba family placed articles and adverts to refute much of what he has written.

    At one seminar I was about to throw my attacker when Mr Stevens stopped me and said that the kamae I was holding was similar to that held by a Japanese "god" and I had turned irrimi nage into "the dance of the gods."

    Actually I was just about to dump the attacker on his butt!!!

    The spiritual side of martial arts is in the fighting spirit.

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    I was not aware of the family refute of what was written by Stevens.

    I do agree with you, "to prepare for peace, we prepare for war"
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    i have this vid, it's called "one thousand miracles" i believe, i also have a theor as to how they accomplished it. will post soon
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    I have a copy of this vid. I believe it's called "1000 miracles" they use an ultra sound gun to show the "fading" tumor. I wondered if a little change of alignment of the ultra sound device on the patient's body could be the miracle? I will post the vid as soon as i can get it off my vhs copy. Love to hear everyones ideas.
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    Seeing Patterns

    For me the most amazing thing that happens during Tai-chi practice is that I realize I'm holding tension in some area for no good reason. Once I see that, I can gradually let the tension go, and I realize that it represented an "attitude".

    Over the years I have found that I am full of these tension/attitudes and that by letting them go I can relieve myself of stress. More importantly, I don't confront the world every day with my attitudes but am able to be more aware of what is really going on in front of me.

    This is very helpful in push hands and sparring because I am no longer fighting myself with my tensions and attitudes. I can allow my body to react directly without using the sparring arena as a way of re-inforcing my attitudes. It's a lot more enjoyable and effective when I'm clear.

    The transformation in the way I experience my life is about as amazing as any experience I have ever had.

    In relation to fighting, if I fight cleanly (without attitudes and tension), then each movement is small and effective. It is usually smaller than other people can perceive, especially because they are looking for the BIG movements in a fighting situation. The result may seem amazing to the onlooker, not because I have done anything magical, but because my mechanics are done at a smaller level than they can perceive or at least, are able to perceive at that moment. So for them the amazement is in what seems to be "magical" abilities, but for me it is in how easy things are when I let go of attitudes.

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