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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Taiji_Lou, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Gimme gimme gimme! :happy: :love:
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    I asked Mrs koyo.."What do women want?" her answer was one word.

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    Moi Warriors live forever x

  4. Suhosthe

    Suhosthe A dwarf! A dwarf!

  5. koyo

    koyo Passed away, but always remembered. RIP.

    Don't forget bags. I kid you not Mrs koyo buys bags to put her bags in.

    Change that I pay for them.:bang:
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    That's because shoes come in 3's koyo
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    This old fool doesn't reject others' opinions and advice simply because it's not what he wants to hear.

    This old fool also answers questions to the best of his ability,unlike some-
    "...harking to what myself and other experienced practitioners have said about these matters and what you need to do-mainly get some decent instruction.Why do you feel your extremely limited experience in/perception of TC training gives you more knowledge of these things?"

    Still waiting for logical answer on that. Of course there isn't one,is there?

    You issue a ludicrous invitation to a challenge and call me an old fool and then ask me not to speak?

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    Not always for my spouse.

    She wants "less" -of me :cool:
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    My own personal thoughts on Chi is that when you follow the movements correctly, and open up the said channels, it simply shows that you are using the correct movements and stance. I think that the original definition of chi has either been twisted, or that it has really been explained now, and people are trying to steer it deeper into mysticism.

    Those who see it as something spiritual and actually feel that way tend to have a greater sense of calm than those who don't. I do not see anything wrong with attaching a deep sense of spiritual awareness to the chi arts.

    I have a friend who believes in Chi and I don't question him, I see it like those who choose to follow religion, you either believe or you don't.

    - EDIT -

    So I used quick reply to answer the initial question, after reading through I have one thing I want to add. (Ok, maybe a few things)

    You will never be a competent martial artist if you are self taught. You need someone who can correct your stance, your form and techniques. You may think that books and the internet may be just as good, but it is so very far from the truth. A teacher can show you which bad habits you are picking up, give you the ability to test these techniques and will help you discover your strengths. How can you tell how competent you are without someone experienced along side you?

    What you possess from being self taught, is misplaced confidence Taiji_lou. I believe that what you are doing is good for you, and you alone. Not in a combative sense, as I would not advise you to use these techniques to defend yourself or what not, but that for your state of mind it gives you peace. I do think though that the more of this "Self tuition" you do, the more bad habits you will force upon yourself and the harder it will be for you to learn once you find an actual instructor. There is no harm in you believing in Chi provided you don't rely on it to save you in dire circumstances.

    What's my experience? Not so much in the spiritual side of things. 10 years of freestyle Karate and JKD, a years worth of Tai Chi and a touch of common sense.

    You may want to make note that people throughout this topic have gotten increasingly frustrated with you because you redirect questions you cannot answer, you refute other peoples opinions or actual facts and that sometimes you delve into throwing poorly veiled insults. You're trying to protect and defend that cannot be proven. Therefore it does not need defending. It'll do just fine. The hypothesis behind Chi, has survived for thousands of years. It'll be just fine I'm sure.

    I think you would be a dedicated martial artist, if you were lead down the right path. Let me give you a hint. Reading articles online, buying instruction manuals and watching youtube videos isn't it. Seek out an instructor, if you're putting in the time you say you are why not invest in actual classes? Most places I know are very cheap, and will be much more effective.

    As for understanding women. We are men. If we were not men, we would get on with them just fine. However, we are, so we don't.
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    Like trying to prove God exists
  11. askura

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    Yeah that's my point, rather hard to prove or disprove it heh. If there is an absence or something people merely say then you cannot disprove it.
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    Some say "proof is in the pudding". In other words, the burden of proof is upon the believer
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    I like pudding, too! :heart:
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    "How can you have any pudding if you dont eat your meat" -Pink Floyd
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    There is always 'Steak and Kidney' pudding!
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    Plum and Pecan
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    There's pie here?
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    There's always a first time for Chi-cken pudding!
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    I want a really tender favourful steak and ale pie. Served with garden peas, cabbage with lots of butter and pepper, mashed potato and real gravy.........and I want it NOW!

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