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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Shou Tu, Jul 9, 2004.

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    While this is all most likely correct, it has almost nothing to do with the slap-checks and body alignemnt mechanisms used in this style of kenpo.
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    Not to get on a tangent here, but are you implying that you have never seen a person (human being) slap themselves before or during a fight?

    All I am saying is that we can discuss the science of slapping in technique all day long as if it is all mechanical, but I say it isn't. We need to consider the ritualistic nature of the human being.

    We would hit each other with bamboo sticks before a fight, this ritual was to "keep evil spirits away" but where did the ritual originally come from? Somewhere it came down from warriors and priests as ritual, however, this ritual prepared the mind and body for combat.

    The slapping and stomping in technique can intimidate, can prepare the body for combat... I believe it to have a highly ritualistic component based on real world needs in why and how it is passed down in certain martial systems.
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    I think I may know what the stomping is for, In Qi gong sometimes the keels are brought up off the ground and suddenly the practitioner drops his heels back to the ground with a sudden stomp whilst saying forcefully HA. I once asked my Qi gong teacher what was the reason for the stomp and he said that it should be done in bare foot on a hard floor surface so that a shockwave is generated which travels up the body. He said that the action of the shockwave as it passes through the spine is to stimulate all the nerves in the spine thus waking up the body.
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    I think we are all on the same page now. Good stuff. :)
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    Now that I think about it he said the same about the teeth, when you stomp in Qi gong you sometimes chat your teeth together. He explains it as like that Chinese musical instrument with many metal strings, when you strike all the strings at once it makes a TWANG sound releasing energy.
    This explains the stomp but what about the slap?
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    The slapping is like a musical instrument too. Longer slaps are power, shorter slaps are speed.

    Slapping, IMO, is done mainly for ritualistic purposes... the teacher teaches it, therefore, the student does it, and the student's students do it also. There are valid reasons to slap check but at the same time there are valid reasons not to.

    Once you are taught to slap, it is only logical that one would want to know why, how, and when to use it.

    I think David posted some very good explainations of why based on his research and the commentary of others. One point, however, that I did not see, or maybe I just missed it, is that I was shown that slapping has to do with hand placement.

    Remember that kenpo likes to keep the hands in motion, well that works so long as your hands stay in position and you don't end up hitting yourself where you don't want to. Hand checks are in key areas so that your hands stay in position to attack and defend. It isn't just the slapping hand, but the other hand that is in action also. A slap check to a shoulder can coincide with the other hand punching across the ribs, that other hand is in essence protecting the ribs/armpit.

    Even if you don't slap, as I don't slap very often, I still am conscious of best hand placement for safety, attack and defense.... protecting vitals, etc.
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    I am not really qualified to explain more about it, really. I learned a few "hows" and fewer "whys" in the couple of days I spent with Ron Chapel, however this thread has LOTS of information

    Prof. Chapel teaches this stuff from a very practical, physical context. No talk of energy, qi, etc. And yet, it is the same things. I know he has an extensive CMA background, and I know that he works with internal energy etc but that is not how he teaches the concepts of sl-4 kenpo. it's all "westernized". he is amazing if you are near him you should check him out.

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