Steve Morris article on karate and fascism

Discussion in 'Karate' started by mani, May 14, 2005.

  1. Haduken

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    i agree, nobaody has said that kickboxing is anything other than a combat sport, the bad kickboxing gyms i went to certainly didn't... but again, i know what you mean - and it is exactly where i stand with the so called karate clubs - in my opinion karate is not a sport... sport is a by product, other people see it differently... thats just the way it is... a rose by any other name, eh?
  2. Sonshu

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    Yet the councils and organisations set up to promote and direct the arts do nothing about closing down and distancing themselves from bad schools or clubs.

    You can see why these problems persist.
  3. Haduken

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    personally i think the problem comes from these so called organisations... all they do is further fracture and segregate the arts with politics and semantics which are irrelevant to the common foundations which all arts follow.

    personally i prefered it back in the day, if a 'mcdojo' opened up and started bastardising your art, you would get a few schools together and go round and shut them down. Unfortunately now (like GKR) they will just sue you
  4. Sonshu

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    True but you can work to affect there reputation and raise your own or to indicate these groups and organisations are really poor.

    So long as your training speaks volumes then attend a few of there classes and show your skills. People will ask and that then gives you the floor.

    Advertising and others are options.

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