Starting training and teaching Silat again in Scotland

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Jerome Blanes, Nov 6, 2018.

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    From the amazon site

    "The objective of Silat Ikhtiar was to introduce a functional, usable and progressive style which still retains traditional and cultural aspects."

    Which sounds like it's a non traditional/new style, if it's a new art why not just say that?
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    I think it starts with the initial question of the OP. In my experience it's not workable to ask in such a way for students. Sure we all want those dedicated guys who train a lot (and no i don't mean once a week...), but you can't force it. You just welcome everyone willing and see what happens from there. You can't ask for serious students honestly if they don't know what they are getting in to. There are so many people joining and leaving. Some have a lot of talent but no mentality, some have no talent but are very loyal, some join because they want to be part of 'something special' (and i mean that in a negative way), some people say they want to really learn and start criticizing techniques from the very first start, because they already know 'other stuff'. Are people serious about training and trust you in that? Well that takes time and both sides have to prove themselves.

    The rest of the subject is a slippery slope like indicating that they made up the style themselves. Silat was and in some cases still can be secretive in some aspects. People can try to judge that, but that can also be some part of the asian way of doing things in some cases. This goes for Chinese, Japanese or Indonesian teachers. If you don't agree with that, fine than it's not your style, but it's way to early to judge based on not finding youtube-proof or can't google the teachers names. Perhaps this works for JKD but that is a modern western 'style' (and way of thought) based on parts of several asian and non-asian principles/styles.
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    Pretty much all legit Japanese teachers, including koryu teachers, are super proud to tell you their lineage.

    Generally, 100% of frauds won't give a straight answer, which is why the right thing to do is ask questions early on.

    I'm sure that's what the Dutch do too.
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    For such a tall order, I think you're being too lazy for it to work.

    Just putting a call out for such dedication won't achieve your aims. You need to seek out suitable candidates and then impress them enough with your skills that they want to train with you.

    Also, 50/50 is not good odds for finding a prodigy. You're looking for that 1 in 1000 kind of person who would take that mantle on, which is life-consuming. You need to widen your net exponentially if you want to replace yourself.
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    Modern Combat Masters: Guru Jerome Blanes

    Just found this, gonna a give it a listen some point this weekend,

    Of notice:

    "Silat Ikhtiar Malaysia (the martial art of my wife's family)"

    So his teacher / head master is family!
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    So, readers of this thread, please ignore the fact that this person has been objectionable and avoided answering questions since he came into the board and has shot any credibility he might have had in the foot
    I you read his first post and are interested please seek help
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    Jerome has set his status as "moved on."

    He has the right of reply of course, but his silence speaks volumes as far as I'm concerned.
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    And the blog that was advertised in Jerome's opening post (which we deleted) has been removed from his own site.
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