Starting Judo: BJA or BJC or JFAUK?

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    I am 33 and I’m considering starting Judo. I am mainly interested in the leading it as a martial art in a traditional manner and I’m less interested in Judo as a sport.

    There is a reputable Judo club near me that is accredited to both the BJA and BJC.

    Am I right that the BJA is more sport Judo orientated and the BJC is more traditional / martial art Judo orientated?

    But I get the impression that they are mainly a BJA and Olympic Judo club, that will allow BJC people to train there, but they primarily teach / grade the BJA syllabus / system.

    Then I’ve also read about JFAUK / Sampson Sampson Judo, who promote traditional Judo, but I can’t find any clubs associated with them and I’m not sure how legit they are.

    Any advice would be welcome,


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    Go to the club that is nearest to you,
    BJA is great, BJC is also very good, and still trains some of the older now banned moves.

    My old BJA instructor still trained plenty of groundwork, and even leg grabs etc it's not a major problem, judo is judo.

    Not withstanding the skill of any teacher, what makes judo strong is the amount of people training, you won't get that with the smaller organisations.

    That's why some people from judo for all, also have BJA memberships and attend their competitions.
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