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  1. Shadow_Blade

    Shadow_Blade New Member

    What are everyone's different stances? I'm right handed and I have been taught to stand with my right foot as the lead and flat on the ground with my left back and slightly bent so the left heel is slightly off the ground. Does everyone else use mainly one stance or do you switch it up?
  2. Dark Blade

    Dark Blade It Roundhouse time

    I like to switch mostly.
    I sometimes use one like the one you described, but right foot and off the ground, I’m also right handed.
  3. Fluffy Wabbit

    Fluffy Wabbit New Member

    We're taught both left and right leg forward no matter what your preference. It takes a bit of getting used to, but is probably quite practical because sometimes you just don't know what position you're going to be able to get into.

    But that doesnt mean i dont have a preference, which is left leg forward (im right handed). It lines up the powerful right cross nicely.
  4. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    I'm right handed but prefer standing with my left foot first. Go figure.
  5. Terry Matthes

    Terry Matthes New Member

    I switch leads without thinking. I think it has something to do with me being left handed and always trying to match my partners lead :confused:
  6. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    i'm usually in the natural position (hand to sides and feet kinda spread apart). Either that or the stance my karate instructor showed me if i ever got into a fight...forgot what it was :(
  7. Krisk

    Krisk New Member

    Im right handed but I put my left foot as my front foot, this is what I've been taught as the orthadox stance. Bruce Lee was right handed and right foot as front foot, this was for speed.
  8. Skinneh

    Skinneh Skinny Theif Ninja Spy

    Im right handed. Ive been tought to put my right leg back, left leg forward. It kinda feels natural :D Also my back leg i try keep my heel of the ground as well. Im still very new though so .....
  9. RJ_Bushido

    RJ_Bushido New Member

    left leg is usually forward and right leg back, apparently it gives your kicks more power! I usaully go with right foot forward, and then i usually switch mid-way. But i am having trouble with my left side, i can't seem to catch up with the speed and strenght of my right side, i mean it's bad!!!! how do i help my left side get as good as my right, any exercies that i can do to make it good????
  10. Radok

    Radok Love myself better than U got a good advantage here. I'm right handed and left footed! This allows me to put my strong hand back and my strong leg forward.

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