Stabilization operation of the mis tlif l4-l5 spine and martial arts

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    Hello, I am 3 weeks and 3 days after surgery Mis Tlif L4-L5, I do not feel any pain or anything and I do not take painkillers. On Monday I start the 5 day rehabilitation and I have 10 days a day for 4 treatments: laser therapy, magnetic field, cryotherapy and exercises with physiotherapist and massage. In the information card from the hospital about the diagnosis of my spine disease, I write:
    M43.1: Other distortive back diseases - Cryolad
    M51.0: Other intervertebral disc diseases - Diseases of the intervertebral discs of the lumbar and other spinal cord injuries (G99.2 *).
    I have a question, can you train martial arts boxing or kickboxing after surgery? I would like to add that before the surgery I trained normally with 2-3 months before and only pain when I felt it while bending down or this type of thing and when digging high only the pain in the groin, and so it almost completely hurt. Can you normally train martial arts after surgery? My orthopedist said that in a year in March I can come back to training, but I would like to ask other specialists in this field, the surgery was with implants and screws, the orthopedist said that in 3 years it will get these screws can be pulled out, but their I will not pull it out. Also again, can you train martial arts after such an operation? greetings
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    Welcome to Martial Arts Planet.

    This really is a case of taking and sticking to the advice of the medical professionals.

    People heal differently, so there will be those that have gone back to training without any issues and those that have to be a lot more cautious.

    We do have a few medical people, as well as physiotherapists on MAP, so hopefully you'll also get their thoughts.

    Whatever happens don't rush back. heal first, train later.
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    Thank you for the answer, I know the first regeneration and return to fitness and later return to combat sports, although there are certainly people who came back after such an operation to training sports combat and I hope to write back to me in this topic or wait for specialists.
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    Your orthapedic surgeon is the expert here. Take her/his advice, and stick to it, if you listen to anyone else's advice, there's a much greater chance you could damage your self.
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    Ok, thank u :)
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    Mod note: Welcome to MAP Kreezior! Please be aware that text speech is not allowed. Please spell out words like "you" in the future. Our terms of service can be found by clicking on the "terms and rules" button on the bottom right hand corner of every page. Thanks!

    Edit: to clarify. I am referring to using u instead of spelling out you, not any medical terms shortened. That is fine!

    p.s. I would agree with everyone here so far. Be very careful with the spine. I am unfamiliar with your particular diagnosis, but I imagine your Dr's will give you advice on when and how to come back to martial arts safely!
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    Good luck with your surgery and, as everyone’s said, make sure you follow the advice from your surgeon and physiotherapist very carefully.

    Many of us have returned to martial arts after major surgery.

    However, a successful return to training depends on being extremely disciplined about following the rehabilitation programme from your orthopaedic surgeon and physiotherapist. Sticking with rehab is a test of discipline, but discipline’s integral to every good martial artist.
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    Side note on painkillers, if you are in pain and you don't take them, your rehab is likily to not be as successful.

    So don't refuse them if you are in pain, but also don't take them if your not in pain.
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