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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by stoppy, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    Just an update really, we have just wrapped on the first TKD sport training DVD film shoot. Covering the fundamentals in technique and training. The DVD should be ready for Xmas 09, and it was looking sweet. Ill have more as we get closer to canning the final press.

    It should be a great addition to any serious player out there, who wants to make the steps to elite TKD competition sparring.

    I even managed a cameo walk on, but I fear it may end up on the cutting room floor.

    Laters for now.
  2. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    Update ..

    Forgot to mention, the DVD is the brain child of Seelan Rengasamy and feature him and his son Luke, covering all the fundamental training techniques needed for players in todays competitions.

    We shot the whole thing in one night based in a TV studio using a 3 camera setup. The director has created a great look to the production, and Ill be adding motion graphics to the whole thing to bring claritry to some of the techniques.

    Post on here for advanced interest and ill try to get some snippets up pre release.
  3. liero

    liero Valued Member

    Excuse my ignorance, but who is Seelan Rengasamy?

    What comp experience does he have that would make me want to buy his DVD?
  4. Mitlov

    Mitlov Shiny

    Do you have any excerpt video so we can get a taste of what you're offering? The problem with selling instructional DVDs on sport taekwondo is that there's a LOT of stuff out there for free.

    For proper form and techniques and drills to perfect your form and technique, the "Revolution of Kicking" videos on YouTube are pretty darned good:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Revolution Of Kicking Vol 1 (RoundHouse Kick)[/ame]

    For good clear footage of world-class competitors doing their thing so that you can observe and learn strategies, (tournament) application, etc, it's hard to beat Dartfish's WTF channel:
  5. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    Yep dartfish is great, but were making this dvd as a part of something a little bigger ( a lot really) and to be fair this in not aimed at your average TKD enthusiast although the way we have shot it it will be easy to follow and very clear, it covers drills and pitfalls to watch out from. Delivered by a former British Oylimpic coach. It covers movement and timing . We also have a great S&C session coming from Carl Evans (Oylmpic TKD) with nutritional guidance and to support your training.

    The trailer is coming next week and we hope to hit the internet store (still WIP) in time for Xmas deliveries.
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  6. millymolly

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    I am new to M.A.P, now doing mainly patterns comps but used to train with seelan rengasamy, for those of you who dont know he fought in the 1988 olympics as the featherwight for G.B and also fought for G.B in many international events including the worlds in Maddison Square Gardens U.S.A in 93 and then coached the junior national team bringing on such people as Arron Cooke and Micheal Harvey both Olympiads in 2008 .And i think was coach to one of the current national coaches in england .
    To be honest this man is nothing short of a genius in Tae Kwon Do and one of the most humble people i know and if he is doing some video or dvd i would strongly recommend people interested in sparring buy one .:hat:
    have to also say M.A.P rocks cool site
  7. KAMAU

    KAMAU innocent bystander

    Id second that haveing seen seelan fight in comps quite a few times in the 90's, a true gent.
  8. Mitch

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    Just a friendly reminder that MAP has a "no free advertising" policy :)

    I'm happy for people to mention products or people thay have had good experiences with, I think that's a primary purpose of communities like MAP, and we're happy with people having subtle links to their websites etc in their signatures.

    However, if people want to advertise goods or services and solicit business, then get in touch with an Admin or Global Mod to discuss rates and payment.

    Thanks folks. :)

  9. stoppy

    stoppy TKD Disciple

    No links as you can see, Mitch, just getting a feel for what people want. I was hoping to inform over sell the items, would love to see what people think about what they want from a technical dvd.

    How about you mitch whats your opinion on dvd material or any other coaching aids?


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