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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Colucci, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    Ah ok thank for the reply.

    KICKBOY Valued Member

    Saturday morning leg day.

    Squats, 20 with the bar
    20@ 95lbs
    20@ 135lbs
    20@ 185lbs
    20@ 135lbs.
    Hack Squats
    15 with 90lbs on the sled
    12 180 plus sled
    12 180 plus sled
    12 180 plus sled
    15 90 plus sled
    Leg extensions on machine 4X12
    Leg curls on machine 4X12
    Dead Lifts 4X12@135lbs
  3. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    You squat more than you deadlift thats weird.
  4. koto_ryu

    koto_ryu Common sense is uncommon

    Not really. My deadlift is over a hundred pounds more than I can squat, but I know someone who's the opposite. He just doesn't have the back strength compared to leg strength.

    KICKBOY Valued Member

    Right now I doing a high volume program, the rest periods between sets is 30-45 seconds and 2 minutes between different exercises.
    The dead lifts are last and that’s the best I can do with good form and timing.
    Now that you mention it my best 1 rep squat is higher than my dead lift.
  6. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    It's such a lovely day that I've been in the garden doing a Scrapper workout and working on my tan at the same time. About ten litres of water later and I think I'm almost rehydrated :D
  7. M Lambert

    M Lambert Fitness Consultant

    Does Drill and running round after Officers count as a workout??? :)
  8. Existence

    Existence Super Saiyajin :o

    its the lats, delts, bi, back, quads, and calf day.
    time to get XXX'd :woo:
  9. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    Looks like no-one has worked out for a month, too busy on MAP :D

    Ran 5 miles this afternoon, cut 50 seconds off my personal best.
  10. inteq9

    inteq9 165lb of TROUBLE!

    Yesterday's strength workout:

    Deadlift 7x3

    Reverse Barbell Lunges 3x8

    Push Press 5x5

    Bent Over BB Row 3x10

    Reverse Fly 2x10
  11. Emil

    Emil Valued Member

    I've just started a new circuit routine developed by none other than Bruce Lee himself. It is as follows: Although this was just one of Bruce Lee's training routines, it ranks among the most effective ever devised for muscle condition and definition, and for the well-balanced total fitness that serves a 'real world' purpose.

    01). Overhand Pull Up
    02). Seated Leg Press
    03). Bilateral Alternate Hip/Knee Extension
    04). Shoulder Press
    05). Standing Calf Raise on Shoulder Press Unit
    06). Alternating Cable Curl
    07). Standing Unilateral Horizontal Arm Adduction
    08). Bench Press
    09). Regular Deadlift on Block, using Bench Press
    10). Kneeling Pull Down Behind neck
    11). Triceps Push Down
    12). Cardiovascular Efficiency Activity
    13). Neck flexion/Extension
  12. mojo shorin-ryu

    mojo shorin-ryu Valued Member

    reg pull ups 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2
    reverse grip 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
    narrow grip 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
    wide grip 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
    behind the neck 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
    commando 2-4-6-4-2

    reg push ups 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2
    narrow pushups 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
    wide angle 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
    dive bombers ( circulars military ect ) 2-4-6-4-2

    25 leg lifts x4
    25 legs in the air crunches x4
    25 regular crunches

    yeah i need to get back to doing all that...havent in months -stute
  13. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    Came back from a 15k bike ride and 20 minute swim. I feel refreshed!
  14. SickDevildog

    SickDevildog Lost In The Sauce

    Couldnt fall asleep so I went outside to burn some energy.

    First thing that happened when I stepped out the door was getting bit by a friggin horsefly right under my left nippel! :bang:

    25lb db swing 2x5 each arm

    All other excercises with 25kg BB
    Wide grip hang snatch 5x5
    Narrow Grip hang snatch 5x5
    Hang Clean press 5x5
    Bent Row Palm fwd 5x5 narrow grip
    Bent Row palm back 5x5 narrow grip
    back squat 3x10
  15. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    5x5 bear complex @ 50% 1RM with intervals of 1 minute skipping and 1 minute rest.

    I need to go lie down now.
  16. Nick K

    Nick K Sometimes a Valued Member

    Still crossfitting!

    Yesterday was unpleasant

    5 rounds for time:
    21 reps 75lb sumo dead lift high pull
    12 handstand pressups ...

    ....at least that is what we were supposed to do!

    This is a great link giving strength targets:
  17. Dragon Brush

    Dragon Brush Valued Member

    Woot! Forgot about this thread. :D

    This morning:

    Shadow Boxing: 1 x 3 min

    Heavy Bag (High Intensity Punching and Kicking): 4 x 3 min (30 seconds of rest in-between rounds).

    Punch-Out Rounds: 5 x 30 sec (30 seconds of rest in-between rounds).

    Full Power Round: 1 x 90 seconds.
  18. Nick K

    Nick K Sometimes a Valued Member

    Did you do number 1 or 2? I'm too cheap to buy the DVD, but those free workouts are pretty good, as is 'round and round'.
  19. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    Nick are you following the Max Effort method or just crossfit as is?
  20. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    Deadlift - 100kg - 5x5
    Bench press - 60kg - 3x8

    Nice and simple does it. :cool:

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