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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Colucci, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    DB's are the best way to surpass a plateau and the hit al those stabiler muscles
  2. cxw

    cxw Valued Member

    Arched Back Good Morning 2 * 5
    Dips 2 * 5
    BB Military Press 2* 5
    Chin ups 2 * 5
    Bulgarian Squats Right Leg 2 * 5
    Bulgarian Squats Left Leg 2 * 5
    BB Overhead Shrugs 1 * 5
    BB Curl 1 * 5
    Skull Crusher 1 * 5
  3. Nick K

    Nick K Sometimes a Valued Member

    Westside for skinny b******s repetition upper body day

    Flat bench 45kg x 20 x 3
    Close hand tricep pressups 4x5
    Chins 4x8
    Machine shoulder press 45, 55,65,75x 10
    Standing cable curl 25,35,50 x10
    Glute ham raise 20x4
    Roman chair sit ups 25 x 4

    Last week I had 1 boxing sparring session (5 x 3minute rounds against someone witha professional license eek!), 1 MMA class, 2 TKD classes and 3 visits to the gym. I have come to the conclusion that I am not recovering quickly enough,as I am knackered all the time, despite eating 6 times a day and being asleep by 10.30, so will be abandoning the sacred 7 day interval between repeating gym sessions and willl go onto a 9 day cycle instead. Essentially, I'll be doing 1 less gym visit a week. Any comments?
  4. harhar

    harhar I hate semaphores

    Competition @ U of T Mississauga:

    Weights in kgs:

    Weighed in 78.5

    Snatch: 85 90 95miss
    Clean and Jerk: 110 117miss 117miss :(

    Almost had third snatch attempt (bad position at bottom).

    The second c & j attempt I cleaned the weight and blacked out for 5 seconds after standing up and missed the jerk (bar choked me). Third one got the clean again but too tired to get jerk.

    Finished up w/ glute/ham raise and some pull ups.
  5. cxw

    cxw Valued Member

    Arched Back Good Morning 2 * 5
    DB Bench Press 2 * 5
    BB Military Press 2* 5
    Chin ups 2 * 5
    Front Squat 2 * 5
    BB Overhead Shrugs 1 * 5
    BB Curl 1 * 5
    Skull Crusher 1 * 5
  6. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    barbell bench press: 240x8,250x6,260x4,275x2
    incline bench: 200x8,210x6,220x4,230x2
    pec deck 4x10

    skull crushers supersetted with incline DB curls 3x8
    pressdowns supersetted with seated DB curls 3x8
    one arm reverse pressdowns supersetted with reverse one arm DB curls 3x8

    wrists curls 3x15

    bike 14 miles
    elliptical 30 minutes
    dummy 25 minutes
  7. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Hey G,

    done any kettlebell training?
  8. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    I don't know how you could be successfull at westside doing that?
    The less I do the stronger I get.
  9. Nick K

    Nick K Sometimes a Valued Member

    I hear you. The problem has always been - conditioning or skills training :rolleyes: as my recovery time is relatively limited. So, I've finally decided that skills training is more important and will reduce the frequency of my strength training - as you say, the less you do, etc. Ah, life! Choices, choices, choices...
  10. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    Hill sprints. So much hurt.
  11. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    Bodyweight: 70kg
    Dips 3 sets of 3: 25kg
    Pistols 3 sets of 6: -2.5kg(holding weight in front)
    Rows 3 sets of 6: 60kg
  12. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    can't say that i have
  13. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Was just wondering. My mates in Oz got me going with it while there. Damn things give a pretty good overall work out. Just gotta shop around for one bell to start with and go from there!
  14. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    military press: 145x8, 155x6, 165x4, 175x2
    upright rows 3x8 - 130
    DB lateral rses 3x8
    bent over side rses 3x8
    BB shrugs 3x8x345

    1arm DB rows 3x8x100
    seated pulley rows 3x8x180
    front pull downs 3x8x130
    thigh snatches 3x8x165
  15. koto_ryu

    koto_ryu Common sense is uncommon

    Bored while taking notes so I thought I'd toss down what I did today.

    04/08/07 EASTER WORKOUT:

    Warmed up with 5 minutes on the treadmill, fast walk with a slight incline. I then warmed up and did max reps in 60 seconds with 300# on a 2" thickbar (one of the events coming up for one of my contests) and got 15 reps. Next was log presses, doing some density training with 180 to try to maximize the amount of reps I can do. Tried my Atlas stone but it was too wet and muddy to grasp, frustrating to say the least. Did some cinderblock rows to help my crushing strength, and played around with a 35# Blob (one of the heads of a 35# dumbbell cut off, great for grip strength), tossing it back and forth between my hands for 48 seconds before a drop.
  16. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I did some tabata bagwork today, since training wasn't on due to it being Easter
    Twenty seconds all-out, ten seconds rest, repeat eight times. I'm so glad I don't have work tomorrow, I just know I'm going to be sore
  17. Nick K

    Nick K Sometimes a Valued Member

    Thought Id share this one - from Matti Parks in one of the men's fitness mags 2 month's back. Did this on Saturday in the garden!

    Jog/light stretch warm up
    No more than 30 seconds rest between sets
    Lunge and kick with medicine ball 3 sets x 10 reps
    Medicine ball burpees 3 x 10
    V ups 3 x15
    Plyo press ups 3 x 15 on/off medicine ball
    Slow side kicks 2 x 10 each leg
    Hop and kick 2 x 2 minutes
    Explosive knees 2 x 2 minutes
    'Muay thai block' - elbow and knee - hopping on alternate sides - 2 x 2 minutes

    Day off yesterday and today WFSB upper body max effort. Feeling a bit more positive after deciding to reduce training volume slightly.
  18. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Just my usual routine tonight:

    Military press 5x5
    Bent rows 5x5
    Front squats 5x5
    Full contact twist 5x5
    Chins 5x5
  19. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    pre work cardio
    45 minutes on bike 23miles ok actually 22.6

    military press- 3x8x150
    upright rows- 3x8x 120
    side raises- 3x8x35
    bent over raises 3x8x35
    BB shrugs- 3x8x345

    weighted chin ups 3x8
    seated long pulley rows 3x8x180
    front pulldowns- 3x8x130
    thigh snatches 3x8x170

    neck 3x15
    wrist curls 3x15

    bag work 7 rds
    20 minutes on treadmill
  20. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    10 x 3min rounds on the heavy bag.

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