Spontaneous Nutrition Check-In

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Colucci, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Colucci

    Colucci My buddies call me Chris.

    Hey y'all, I thought it might be an "interesting" idea if, whenever you notice this thread, post up the most recent meal/food you ate, and how long ago that was. It could give an interesting outlook on how well we really do try to stick to healthful nutrition habits (eating "clean", eating every few hours, etc.) Of course, it could turn out horribly, nobody could respond, and you all just point and laugh without me knowing. But, I'm willing to risk it. ;)

    10:15 a.m. - 1 cup of Essential Oatmeal Squares cereal, 2 scoops of protien powder in water, 1 large cup of tea with skim milk and Sweet & Low.

    Who's hungry? I mean, who's next??
  2. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    16:30 - Steak and ale pie with baked beans and broccoli. Fresh orange juice to drink. Yum. :cool: :D
  3. IrishStomp

    IrishStomp Valued Member

    9:00 AM - Bowl of cinamon toast crunch.....not that great of a reply huh
  4. Pobeli

    Pobeli Valued Member

    Sad. The first day in months that I have a cheat meal, and this comes up.

    I had, about an hour and a half ago, 3/4 of a huge blueberry muffin, a few strawberries, a large glass of milk, and a small glass of orange juice. Not terrible, but it wasn't oatmeal.

    I've eaten oatmeal nearly every day for about 5 months. I needed a break.
  5. Jamo2

    Jamo2 The Louie Vitton Don

    A ham and coleslaw sandwich. Yer...i know.
  6. adouglasmhor

    adouglasmhor Not an Objectivist

    1 wholemeal Bread and houmous sandwich
    1 wholemeal bread and apricot fruit spread (no refined sugar sweetened with fruit juice)
    1 mug bancha twig tea.
  7. CosmicFish

    CosmicFish Aleprechaunist

    Just finished munching on 2 home-made protein bars then I clicked on this. :)
  8. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    M+S hot chicken pizza with milk...

    Protein and veggies :D
  9. Dragon Brush

    Dragon Brush Valued Member

    2 Tuna salad sandwiches with romaine lettuce, aboatload of carrots, and an apple. Yay for brown bag lunches > <
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  10. Pobeli

    Pobeli Valued Member

    I'm currently eating about a half cup of cottage cheese, some broccoli and tomatoes with olive oil-based dressing, and a couple of poached eggs with salsa, and drinking a glass of milk.
  11. sean

    sean THOR!

    5:30pm GMT -

    Turkey strips flamed in the wok with garlic/chilli powder & some pasta spirals.
  12. Maverick

    Maverick New Member

    4am - Whey in water
  13. redsandpalm

    redsandpalm shut your beautiful face

    2 grilled pcs of haddock, a beef & kidney bean & other veggies type of thing (like chilli beef but without the chilli?), and some ryvita crackers.

    That was 2 hrs ago.

    I have chicken stir fry with mixed nuts in the fridge waitin' to get microwaved.
  14. redsandpalm

    redsandpalm shut your beautiful face

    Man that sounds harsh! Why don't you put it in your coffee or something?
  15. JKD_forever

    JKD_forever DEADLIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whey?.....in coffee? :bang:

    hour ago

    4 oz of turkey breast + 2 slices of whole weat bread +
    2 scoops of low-carb GROW! + 1.5 cup of oatmeal (in blender with grow)

    for a total of 89 grams of protein, 119 carbs, 16 fat = ~976 cals
  16. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    20.30 - Lard

    Someone was bound to say it eventually
  17. flaming

    flaming Valued Member

    8pm - chicken breast, carrots, mangetout and brocoli.
  18. M Lambert

    M Lambert Fitness Consultant

    18:00 - Pork Burger (pig in a circle basically lol) with broccoli, god knows how much runner beans and boiled spuds.

    22:30 - Glass of homemade fruit smoothie (tasted my breakfast lol, had to have something after KB and that was it)
  19. Pobeli

    Pobeli Valued Member

    Is there going to be a Spontaneous Sleep Check-In, where we list the last time we slept and for how long? I know a lot of us have more trouble keeping up with sleep than eating or lifting.
  20. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

    9:00 PM - triple cheeseburger and 1 gallon of gatorade :D

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