Spinning when doing round kicks

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by LandonS, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. LandonS

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    Im pretty new to kicking of any kind and am learning the technique to roundhouse kicks. On the bags or on an opponent I feel like everything is good but when shadowboxing alone with nothing to make contact with I feel like if I stall my momentum so I dont spin (my coach says not to spin) it screws with my technique (and will make it take longer to learn properly) but if I throw it in a way that feels much more correct it will cause me to spin. Also it makes it feel like Im pausing a combination and feels choppy if theres a kick in the middle cuz Id have to throw punches, kick, stall the kick, reset and resume my combo.

    My question...s

    will stalling my kicks to keep from spinning hinder my technique and thus make it harder to improve?

    is spinning such a bad thing when your shadowboxing?

    How do you make it so your shadowboxing is more fluid when stringing together a combo with a couple kicks in it?
  2. Morik

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    The Krus at my gym tell us to spin through with the kick. I don't on kicks where I don't turn my hip over (just thrust hip like with a knee, but kicking), but I think it would be difficult not to do so when turning your hip over.
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    I also have no idea how you would not spin doing a Thai kick. If you are kickboxing though is your coach asking you to throw the round kick more like a karateka?
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    When shadow boxing, if you're chambering then don't spin. If you're throwing a Thai style round kick, then spin.
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    This, depends on what kick you are throwing, if it's Thai you can maybe stop momentum of a lead leg round house, but not of the rear or a skip step, if it's chambered then it's easy to return to the ground .
  6. Matt F

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    What’s the answer?
    Is there a definitive answer or rule?

    Watching top Thais in fights past and present ,they don’t spin the majority of the time when they miss, in the actual fights.
    But that’s not to say they will never spin or don’t spin in those same fights.
    Maybe some fighters do one or the other more often.
    Maybe it’s situational.
    Do big powerful kicks have to be thrown all the time?
    Is it sometimes better to think tactical rather than throw big shots that can take you out of position if they miss?

    Here are two respected fighters views on spinning or not.
    I guess each person has to make a decision for themselves based on what is seen and done by the top fighters in fights, what they advise, which can vary, and how it fits for them.

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  7. axelb

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    What style of martial arts does your club do? If your coach is showing you a particular way it is worth asking why they say not to spin if you're putting power in.

    There are many different ways to do a round house/turning kick. I was initially taught not to spin, then cross training at muay Thai, 2 different clubs, one would say spin, the other not.

    I believe it is useful to practise both ways so you can deal with all options, in some occasions your opponent may step outside the kick and it can be useful to carry on with the spin to setup a spinning technique, or recover quicker than reversing the momentum back the other way.
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  8. LandonS

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    Nope, I tried something like that and he told me to put more hip into it. So then I spin naturally...

    Exactly. I can kinda stop the momentum of my lead but rear hell no...and if I do it in a way that I can sort of stop it its not "whip like" and alot weaker.

    Watching those guys do it falls in line with what a guy I was talking to at the gym today said, just pull your leg back in. Seems like the best way so far. Thanks for the vids!

    Muay thai. I did and of course the answer is so you dont show your back and take your eyes off your opponent.

    Yeah I suppose I could practice both and the method of stopping my kick I was discussing with a guy today may be the ticket as well.

    Thanks for all the input guys!
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  9. Unreal Combat

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    I was taught by Saenchai & Kru Manop not to spin when kicking during shadowboxing. It puts you in a better position to defend yourself if your opponent attempts to attack your exposed back.
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  10. Monkey_Magic

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    If you’re not spinning, then do you chamber and kick (like a karateka)?
  11. Unreal Combat

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