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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Shachar80, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Shachar80

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    I have loved training in Kenpo. I love the school I am training in. Anyone like to share any special experiences they have had while training in Kenpo? I'll get it started off!

    I remember a time when I was in class sparring a good friend of mine. He was wearing Ti-Gear. He threw a beautiful combo with the last punch being a right upper cut. I took the bait in the combo and said hey, why not block the uppercut with my face!!!!!! Went to the hospital and got 5 stiches in under my right eye.

    Good times!
  2. kuntaoer

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    First tourney I took my Kenpo guys to was an interesting adventure.. I had just opened up my school on the airbase where I worked and had been training the students for about a year when we got an invitation to go participate in a TKD sponsored tournament which was using open rules.. So there were different schools attending, one of which was the local Kyokushinkai group.. Well, first fight one of my heavy weights fought in was a kyokushin practitioner, My student was a yellow belt and was fighting an individual of the same rank.. The fight started out good with people trading blow for blow in the match, then my student's opponent launched a round house which caught my student square in the face.. We stopped the match to look at the injury, when we did, we found that my student had his lip split to the gum.. I told him that we were going to the hospital to get it stitched up, but he said not until after he was through fighting in his match.. Needless to say,the kyokushin guy was about to be disqualified for excessive contact, but my student " screw that, I can still fight". Needless to say, that little display of kenpo training along with having a good attitude and no hard feelings against the other fighter gained us some respect from some of the hardest hitting schools in the area..

    That was one of several Kenpo moments we have had when I was teaching commercially and my guys were fighting in tourneys here on island..
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    Aye, that is one hell of a moment.

    I have heard of several similiar situations in my school. One that sticks out is these two blackbelts in a match at a tournament. One of the blackbelts got his nose broke (dont know how). While each of them were in their corner, the middle ref was going to call the match due to the amount of blood coming out of his nose. Well, the blackbelt wiped off his nose with his Gi and proceeded to say, "What blood?". He was allowed to continue and won the match.

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