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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Helm, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Helm

    Helm New Member

    Im mostly coming from a WTF perspective, and you dont ever attack with punches (unless your legs are busted, then in which case you'll be on the ground) the chopping kick is fast and direct, and once up you can switch it for a cresent kick, if they come in closer you can bring it on their face and twist the hips and move sideways out of it. Its also very mis-leading, i catch people with it all the time.
  2. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    You could also be very off balance with those kicks if your opponent wants to take to ground. If your confident enough with your kicking that this will be difficult for them to do, fair enough ;)
  3. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    I was only making a dig at your "impossible" to block comment.
  4. grandmaster mat

    grandmaster mat wataaaahhh!!

    i let them try attack me first, look for an openin then blitz them:D when ppl attack they tend to leave some places open
  5. HKD

    HKD New Member

    yeah right,
    nothing is imposible to block or stop. come at me with an ax kick and i could block it, stop it and through U on Ur face in B 4 U knew what was going on.
    a bit of advise, ANYTHING can be countered.
  6. Helm

    Helm New Member

    K, but im telling you putting up an arm won't do alot, and blocking with your head don't count.

    I was mearly using it as a suggestion as i've found it works for me.

    I heard one time someone said you couldnt block a axe-kick and HKD totally uppercutted a hippo and kicked him mum in the face!

    The fact is, when i have my foot in your face in a chopping kick, if you move towards me, i move away because of the pressure from your face on my leg. Pretty much all you can do is not be there or twist your head away and mutter "not the nose".

    Its a lateral kick, straight line so its most effective at any range as you dont have to be at a certain distance, and by leaning back you can increase the range as you bring it down. Gotta be kinda flexible i guess...
  7. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    So you're bringing your leg high, within reach of my arms, and leaning back to increase the range?

    Oh yes, please do, pretty please.

    I know the kick you're talking about, yes, it can be effective, but it isn't even close to unblockable. A simple deflection will send it off course, and you off balance. Or if I'm feeling particularly mean, step off the line of the kick, catch, and sweep at your remaining leg. If you catch the leg high then you're fairly safe because you don't have to contend with the downward momentum.
  8. Helm

    Helm New Member

    Ofcourse im saying its only effective when you catch people with it, if it misses, it sucks thats for sure....but you don't throw it all the time, but its a really odd kick to throw and i seem to catch people with it 90% of the time i throw it, and if i don't i can bring it straight up again into a defensive side-kick.
    I seemed to have annoyed people saying this.......why? Just saying, no-one ever throws 'em....try it.
  9. HKD

    HKD New Member

    i heard i would use a low spinning hook kick gainst Ur ax kick and broke Ur neck, i heard i used a low round house and U landed on Ur head, i heard i steped up and counght the bend or Ur leg on my shoulder and threw U on Ur face. U said it couldn't be stoped i just said thats a bad attatude to have anything can be stoped. if U miss which im sure U have meny times thin the kick has been stoped.
  10. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I heard that too :D

    Its a high risk kick, really depends how its used and in what environment to how effective it'll be.......
  11. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    My thoughts on the axe kick

    1. Never been caught by one.
    2. Been caught plenty of times with much more economical kicks ie side, front, round.
    3. Never landed an axe kick
    4. tried it and got punched in the B*lls
    5. Looks good but is it that economical a kick
  12. Helm

    Helm New Member

    k, HKD if your really fast enough to throw a hook-kick after i throw the axe kick and have it hit me without you taking a shot to the face, then fine.
    Also HKD you're being very hostile, WTF's up with that...i already implied its an open discussion, stop being so negative man.
    I also note your not a fan of RealUltimatePower, else you would have gotten the uppercutting a hipo thing, which you totally missed.
  13. HKD

    HKD New Member

    im not being hostil, U just said it was unstopable and i just said nothing is unstopable, and gave U reasons why it isn't. Ur the hostil one all ****y cuz U don't have the RealUltimate kick
  14. Helm

    Helm New Member

    i came accross hostile? i said it was the ultimate kick?

    Seems your the only one mate, and for what its worth im sorry.
  15. grandmaster mat

    grandmaster mat wataaaahhh!!

    o stop bitchin girls! it may be the ultimate kick for him, maybe no one can stop his axe kik, somethin to think about:D
  16. Helm

    Helm New Member

    lol, who can stop a kick that can (somehow) cut down trees?!
  17. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I just wanted to ask you TKD fella's n femma's if you felt there was a risk of Hyper-Extending the knee joint when/if you land an Axe kick with force?
  18. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    i'll tell andy there's not risk of that but if u don't control it u might hit the heel on the ground itself n get hurt pretty easily... :D

    talking about axe kicks, they r fairly easy to stop
    either from WTF or ITF prespective i hav seen this using in competition sparring. the time we go into bit real sparring mode this kick is non existant...
    because distance is most important factor in this kick, it works even beyond kicking range(kicking range 4-6 feet). if u allow holding/grabbing in sparring u don't want to use axe/snap kicks at all, i dunno but here we learnt how to counter those kicks with grabbing/locking n u don't even need to learn aikido for that :D

    after getting grabbed n locked each n every kick we(mostly my teacher) started devising mish mash of those techniques, most short kicks which can be done at even punching range at good height :)
  19. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Yes, that's why IMO they are only useful against smaller opponents (than you- natch) :D.

    I've seen some hooooooorrrrrendous injuries come about from

    A) Axe kicks being blocked and "held up" - note this is not "holding" so no warning :p

    B) Axe kicks being deflected

    C) Two axe kicks (one from each player) missing the body and one kick snapping the other guys knee as it landed...

    That was at my first comp..... not the greatest confidence boost I ever had :D
  20. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Seeing as you're around Tosh;

    Do you guys have a term for an outside-in Axe Kick?

    Say you and your opponent had a right lead, but you threw the kick with the left leg, but instead of chambering across your body, you just popped the kick over his near shoulder clockwise?

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