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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by HappyAiki, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. HappyAiki

    HappyAiki Valued Member

    Hello. I decided to create this thread because my recent comeback ot martial arts made me realize just how far gone my shape is. First, a bit of background.

    I used to be a fencer and trained everyday for 3 hours. This went on for several years and I was in an amazing shape. After giving up on fencing because I wanted a life, I returned to Shotokan karate and did that for 4 years.

    Due to several reasons, I have done little to no exercise (other than the occasional jog) for the past 4 years. The end result was 15Kg overweight (still managed to do 5x2 pullups ^^)!

    So, now I began martial arts again and Judo especially is quite taxing (making me realize just how out of shape I am). As such, I am looking to shave off the extra Kilos and gain more stamina so that I can take full advantage of the training.

    Other than the martial art training I am jogging 5 miles at least once a week and doing a 7 min workout I found on youtube to start to get back into shape. The workout is as follows:

    30 sec pushups
    30 sec lower situps (raising your legs)
    30 sec squats
    30 sec raised knees jogging

    Now this already had some effect but I was thinking of ways to increase this workout working especially on my core. I really like the workout Judo gives me and was wondering if there are ways to do a similar one at home. For now I thought about adding 1 min plank and 3x30 secs of doing ladders (I think this is the correct name. When you put yourself in a plank like position and bring alternate knees to the chest).
    I am also reading into kettle bells and other assists.
    Ideally I would like to have a 20 min routine that would help me getting back into shape (though I harbour no dreams of having a lower than 8% fat percentage in the near future) and that isn't so painful that makes me want to procrastinate.

    Now, something for consideration:
    After this week's worth of practice, I noticed some pain in my knees. This pain I believe, comes from a bike fall I had over a year ago. At the time I thought it was just soreness but the pain came back some time afterwards when I was jogging everyday (causing me to stop) and it would come occasionally when I made too much of an effort on my knees. It came again at the end of this week's training (after a long period gone) but the good news is it hurt way less this time and after a couple of days resting it feels brand new.

    I suspect this has to do with regularly doing squats so the extra muscle reinforcement seems to be paying off. I will see a GP on Friday anyway as I fear it might be a torn meniscus.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Right off the bat I would suggest there are some things to get right before worrying about training.

    What are your sleep patters like and how is your hydration and nutrition?

    Once these are taken care of you can look at the training.

    Equipment isn't necessary, although kettle bells are good if you have them.

    You can run 5 miles, but have you tried Farlek running?

    Fartlek means "speed play" and you can do it while skipping, running, cycling etc.

    Mitch and I give some examples in this thread.

    Have you looked into tabata workouts?

    A killer routine in 8 minutes and great with kettlebells.
  3. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    If you want a load of plank variations, then this video is excellent.

    [ame=""]Faster Swimming Core Training #1 - YouTube[/ame]
  4. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    how many days a week are you doing martial arts? before giving any advice its best to know what the rest of your schedule looks like
  5. HappyAiki

    HappyAiki Valued Member

    My sleep patterns are best described by the expression "like a baby", seriously though, I am going to bed around midnight and wake up at 8AM or slightly earlier. No trouble sleeping at all. On Fridays I usually stay up a bit latter and wake up latter as well.

    I don't go out at night a lot since it is not really my thing and my MA practice takes most of my nights anyway.

    Eating is more of a thing. I love eating and though I normally eat well with plenty of veg, smoothies for breakfast, little red meat and low carbs, I sometimes go overboard and eat a lot of junk. My latest fad has been a packet of salt and vinegar crisps maybe twice a week (and afteer carefull consideration decided I will not buy them anymore). I stopped drinking soft drinks, don't eat bread or Butter and only eat peanut/almond butter without sugar and marmite with Nairns or rice crackers if I feel like having something extra to a fruit smoothie before going for a jog or a practice.
    The only serious problem that I can see is the food served at the cafeteria where I work since I don't usually take home food I am subjected to whatever they have to offer for lunch. For you to have an idea, Mac and cheese is probably the most healthy thing they serve. I ask for a helping of veggies and to reduce the amount of food on my plate but still, not very healthy

    thanks for these examples. I will be sure to take a look at them.

    EDIT: I am doing martial arts Tuesday (Judo), Wednesday (Aikido), Thursday (Aikido) and Friday (Iaido) nights and will probably start to have practices on Sunday (Aikido) as well. i am trying to get another Judo session going on Friday instead of Iaido as I feel like doing Judo for now but it is being tricky. I go jogging usually on Mondays.
    Judo is a proper workout and I leave completely drained. Aikido is a milder workout but I feel it more the next day.
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  6. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    ok id up the jogging days to at least 3 days a week, build it up gradually over the weeks. likewise build up your 7 min workout by adding rounds every week until you are working for 20 to 30 minutes
    if you are out of shape id let the jogging, bodyweight stuff and actual martial art work build a base before moving on to other harder methods of training they aren't needed at the start,
    keep everything aerobic for the first few months and stay away from fad workouts like tabata stuff, also theres no need to spend money on kettle bells etc at the moment jogging, martial arts and bodyweight stuff will be enough i suspect to get you in shape
  7. HappyAiki

    HappyAiki Valued Member

    Thanks for the input. Jogging 3x a week... might be difficult to squeeze that in as I work most of the day and I am not disciplined enough (yet) to wake up earlier to be able to jog. Saturday might be a nice addition but that would leave me no full resting day which I think is needed no?
  8. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    well there is a reason most fighters run in the morning lol in order to be able to fit it in and they also use it to help recovery from harder sessions

    a light aerobic jog can actually be better for you than complete rest active recovery can kick start the bodies adaptive biological systems, just build up slowly and dont let your heart rate get too high

    The thing with aerobic fitness is you need to work it a lot (volume) to see improvements three days a week is usually a good starting point, thats why i asked for the rest of your routine, if you are training martial arts 4 days a week aerobic training is easier to recover from and fit in that interval work which can leave you drained for your martial arts class

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