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    It is a good site until they bumped up the chargers late last year, if you plan on using it frequently its worth paying per month for credits as we do (alternatively if you need an image id be happy to purchase the one off :) )
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    Many thanks :)

    I've just had our posters/flyers done, and used some pics I had. They have turned out OK, so will get them printed up.

    All the best,

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    haha you're right, no mirror!
    damn, i seriously thought the white area in the girls toes were her toenails!
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    Feedback based upon the images posted.

    Firstly reverse out (white on a dark background) can be very difficult to read.

    Look into using black text on a white or lighter background, like a news paper does, that's the much easiest to read.

    getting your flyers/ posters read in those all important few seconds and the information retained quickly is very important to your livelihood.

    Regarding the images. The first girl with leg raised is way too light, the text blends too easily with the colours of the image.

    Also make the text bigger (BIGGER)- think easy to read and retain.

    Make sure your contact numbers, email and website are prominently displayed.

    You may want to use some kind of tagline, as an eyebrow (heading at the top of the poster above the image) to attract the attention.

    It's up to you what that is, but it should exemplify and encapsulate the main benefits of training with you. A benefit being something that should have a strong emotional 'pull'/ reason 'why?'.

    Yes, even on a flyer, poster, what you say is more important than how you say it.

    Okay the second one. Again dark image, light text, could be difficult to read.

    Again make the details, contacts, where when how etc more prominent.

    A good image is definitely a strong draw, but if you can't get people to retain the words (information), then it's just a pretty picture.

    Most people see/ read a poster from whilst passing from a distance, make sure they can easily read what it is etc.

    Possibilities. Find an image that has more 'action' in it and that preferably has two people training together in it.

    Remember black text, like this website....

    Good Luck. sokklab (russell) copywriter (direct response-director marketing/ brand advertising, digital etc- available for bar mitzvah's, weddings etc).

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