Society of Enlightened warriors

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Kikaku, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    Draw your own conclusions and click here :D :
  2. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    I have,
    he`a a RICHARD HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!! :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang
  3. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    Well, membership is only $30/yr and you get a colourful patch and a wallchart.

    Someone has been smoking the gigglestick way too long.
  4. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise

    Nice almost-genbukan wheel in the background.....
  5. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    I can`t wait for Keikei and Grimjack to start on this one, so let`s sit back chaps and chapettes and enjoy the popcorn, it`s gonna be a doozy :eek: :D
  6. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    "Norman Smithers, proud personal student of Master Richard Van Donk"
  7. Nick Mandilas

    Nick Mandilas Resistance is an option..

    pick the difference


  8. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Sorry Norm, i'm speachless, i had a good trawl through and found loads to comment on but i just dont know where to start, lets all sit round the full full moon and smoke dope and act all weird shall we?

    Will this teaching come in a monthly box set for home learning where you get a BB at the end??? :D
  9. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise

    One is a famous colorful fake icon, and the other is the colorful NBC icon.

  10. Big Will

    Big Will NinpƓ Ikkan

    The whole concept itself doesn't seem that bad to me... but whenever I see that picture of him in front of that wheel I just HAVE to turn my head away :bang:
  11. Sankaku-jime

    Sankaku-jime Banned Banned

    doesnt seem too bad, the internet is full of self proclaimed spiritual leaders,
  12. The Door

    The Door Ich bin peter

    now Thats one way to ensure mumbles turns up for a lesson :D
  13. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    is he trying to be a spiritual leader?

    or is it just $$$$$$$

    thats why mumbles is so hairy, he spend his night out in the full moon! :D
  14. Grimjack

    Grimjack Dangerous but not serious

    Someone get the net.

    Ricky has stopped taking his medication again. :cool:

    Seriously, reading this and finding out that Ricky is involved with NLP does not surprise me. There is some good stuff in NLP. But a lot of the guys that are most into it strike me as manipulative slime balls.

    So like attracts like I guess.
  15. illuminat1

    illuminat1 Valued Member

    I sooooo... want to be an enlightened warrior. Enlightened warriors are awesome.
    My only question is this; I don't have a pre-frontal lobotomy. Can I still join?

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