So you're going for a job interview.....

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Xue Sheng, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Xue Sheng

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    True, but for jobs where I work (Government) you need to take a test, if you pass, get a high enough grade, you are on the list. With no experience, just out of college, you can get a job, just at a lower pay grade, you get trained, and then test your way up the food chain from there. That is unless you are a political appointee, we had a slew of those a few years back. Appointed, right out of college, with no experience, making big bucks, and telling folks what to do....sadly they had no idea how things worked, so that did not go off so well. You can however, if you want to play politics, get promoted up in the same political fashion, if you already work here, and many of those know what they are doing. However with regime change, you are generally either returning to your previous pay grade, or out of a job.
  2. Mushroom

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    Looks like Tuesday 2nd brunch wear
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    I am so not worthy of that compliment, but thanks for the laugh. Here's my counter offer. This scene cracks me up. Even a suit that doesn't fit still says "I try". It's all about attitude. Dressing well complements a savvy tude. Even normally dull and mundane people like myself suddenly sparkle under lights with a nice shirt, tie and blazer. Power buffed penny loafers.

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  4. Smitfire

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    I've never been able to pull off wearing a suit. I make the effort when needed but always feel stiff and like I look odd.
    Although if I could ever afford it I'd like a bespoke Savile row made to measure suit done. Nice flashy, but hidden, satin lining, maybe in a subtle pinstripe or dark teal?
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  5. Archibald

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    Do it if you can, even just once - I get mine made by the good fellas at Article of Style (google them. Warning, expensive suits! But not as expensive as stabile row, and they fit just as well. It's the full experience). They make their suits unlined and mostly in padded, so you definitely won't feel boxy or stuffy.

    Grond, you live in London mate? I think we'd have a lot in common lol
  6. Grond

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    Only in spirit.

    I actually had a tuxedo fitted for me and picked it up today, for a wedding this weekend. It's going to be 97 degrees. But I am coming prepared with these: the original chill pal cooling towel
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    ooh I should get some of those! I'm one of those incredibly sweaty people, so a handful of those would go a long way for me :D
  8. hewho

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    Only ever worked in shops and gyms/leisure centres, but every formal job interview has been in a suit. Show you're prepared to make the effort, make a good impression.
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