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    A couple of years ago, when I was a taxi driver, i picked up a young lady who told me that she had answered an advertisement for Karate instructors. Having never previously trained in any martial art, she was hired and given a wage to train for, and recieve, her black belt in six months. She would then open a club and teach others, having qualified to do so. This has been going on for years. It's the standard practice of one hybrid Shotokan styled association in particular, the name of which i shall not mention but i'm sure you've all heard of this Australian product.
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    Why not just say Go Kan Ryu and get it out of the way! ;)
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    Is this your view of MMA/and MMA gyms in general or just a trend you have observed amongst the crop of newer clubs?
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    I can't speak for everyone here of course but mine is like... microscopic.
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    This presents an interesting thought-problem...

    It sounds like the young lady you described was essentially "working full time" on her training in order to learn what was needed in that six month period. While this approach may offend many of us who are, by necessity, "hobbyist" martial artists who cannot devote 4-8 hours per day to training and do not have access to an instructor for that much time each day, I am curious to know what other people's thoughts are on this approach. Is it valid? Why is it valid, or why is it not valid?

    I'm going to see if there is another thread that addresses this, but I would be curious to know other people's thoughts.

    Just so I am not accused of trolling, etc, I will answer my own question. I would believe that there is a limit to how much progress one can make in a period of time, and I am not sure one could rise to the level of what we would expect a martial arts instructor to be, starting from ground zero, in six months. I think there is too much of a need for time to recover, reflect, and internalize what is learned. Therefore, while interesting, I do not feel that this approach is valid.
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    yes, you answered your own question. Plus google GKR karate.
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    Thanks for the article links 47MartialMan. Also a great article Andy Murray, I'll definitely be using these tips when deciding on what style and school to start.
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    Many of our students train and compete to increase their levels of fitness, confidence and to also improve their self-discipline. There is never any rush (it's not fun if you have to be forced to do it) and all students learn at a pace they are comfortable with. We have trained world champions and helped older people improve their fitness levels. The key is understanding what you want from it and going from there. If your wanting is to be a lethal killing machine, please stay away from our doors :)
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    Some clubs do operate in this way. True MMA is however a mixture of traditional disciplines with a little contemporary techniques added to bond them all together. All students should look into what their local clubs 'really' have to offer before signing up. A lot of our instructors are champions in different, traditional martial arts disciplines which helps to keep the training relevant and how it was intended to be taught.
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    The veteran martial artists here will have witnessed that training in martial arts gives you strength, speed, agility, focus, confidence, integrity, respect, recognition and discipline. I couldn't think of anything else you would want in life - other than petty material possessions. It's all good.
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    We couldn't agree more Brisrocket!
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    I always wanted to try diff martial, but my body is not that strong.
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    I love to do martial art but don't understand how to do perfect martial arts.
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    No such thing - just turn up and train and the rest takes care of itself

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