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  1. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Why are you reading this?

    So you have always wanted to do Martial Arts right?

    You have seen the movies with Jean Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Steven Seagal.

    You think to your self 'that looks cool', and put the thought on a shelf in the back of your mind.

    You see an advert in a magazine about a new Martial Arts club near you, and off you trot to join.

    Or do you?

    I've met some people, who researched the subject of Martial Arts thoroughly before going anywhere near a club! More commonly people join a nearby club with some mates for moral support.

    No two people think alike!
    You say "Skateboard"; I say "broken leg".
    You say "Coconut", I say "yuck".
    You say "TV", I say, "Book".

    This is one of the reasons for the diversity of the Martial Arts available. We are all individuals!

    Before going onto the subject of 'choosing an art', I'd like to point something out!

    While you may aspire to be one of the people spinning around, doing flashy techniques and looking cool, it can be very intimidating at first. You may think 'I'll never be able to do that'.

    The trick to any difficulty in life is to ignore the boundaries that restrict other individuals. There is risk involved, and sometimes pain in failure, but the reward of inevitable success through persistence is the sweetest fruit of all.

    When we say, "That's impossible!", we really mean;" 'I don't know if I could do that". The trouble is that we fear defeat, so we accept defeat without trying. Taking the easy way out!

    Different people have different abilities!

    Some people seem to be born with advantages!
    We all know someone who is really strong, fast, flexible, intelligent, funny or good looking!
    Something I have observed from experience though, is that the people at the forefront of Martial Arts today, are not the people with the 'natural gifts' of strength, speed, agility etc.
    They are the people with an inner strength!
    Something to prove, perhaps a physical or mental limitation.
    Bloody-minded determination can overcome Mr or Mrs Lucky if you are persistent about it.
    Learning a Martial Art is a 'War of Attrition' with yourself.
    The people with 'natural gifts' tend to find things so easy, that they wander off and find something else to do that is easier still!

    If someone ever says to you; "What you? Do that? You have no chance", just smile to yourself, and take steps to make them eat their words.

    Choosing a Martial Art!

    If you are looking at Martial Arts for the first time, you just opened the biggest box in the toy store! In fact you could spend your whole life just trying to decide what to start with!
    I would personally recommend that you find a good instructor, rather than trying to choose an art.
    All the arts have something to offer, if someone tells you otherwise, smile and walk away as this person has a lot to learn.

    Please carry on... we are getting to the point now!

    There are no bad Martial arts, only bad Instructors!

    So you are now asking yourself 'how do I recognise a bad instructor?'

    Most schools will let you watch a class before joining. If they don't, walk away as they may have something to hide.

    When you watch the class, don't just watch the techniques, watch the Instructor! His/her eyes should be everywhere, ensuring the safety of his/her students and looking for ways of improving them!

    If there is misunderstanding apparent on the face of a student, what does the Instructor do?

    If there is negative emotion apparent on the face of a student, what does the Instructor do?

    Do the students revere the Instructor?

    Have you seen anything that would make you revere that Instructor?

    Can you see yourself practicing that style, with that instructor for two to five year's minimum?

    Has the club been established for a long time?

    Has the instructor been involved in the arts for a long time?

    You must ask questions, not just blindly accept what you read in an article or advert!

    Once you have chosen your Art!

    1/ Show respect and loyalty to your Instructor!

    2/ Show respect and loyalty to your fellow students!

    3/ Show respect and loyalty to your style!

    4/ Show respect to practitioners of the other arts, as they have gone through everything that you have!

    5/ Conduct yourself in a manner that others can respect!

    Training in the Martial Arts, is like setting off on a journey!

    As you travel to the mountain, there may be people ahead of you. You may pass some of these people on the way, and some of them may pass you. You are all going to the same place, so it is as well to be civil to each other on the journey!

    Good luck on your journey, I hope that our paths cross, and we may travel together for a time!

    Andy Murray
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  2. lolpuppy

    lolpuppy New Member


    Cheers, this will help alot when I find an actual school!
  3. puma

    puma Valued Member

    Wow talented! Tennis and martial arts!
  4. ripface

    ripface Pil Sung


    Just wanted to say congratulations on an excellent article. Fair, well balanced, complete and very true to life.

    Top Job, and a "must read" for anyone considering taking the first step to training ... and not only in Martial Arts. The concepts are perfectly valid for many areas where you should look before you leap!
  5. mike491

    mike491 New Member

    Nice article!
  6. Shinkei

    Shinkei Valued Member

    What a good article, the part about the instructor is so true. In my case I believe that I had one of the best instructor outside of Japan who inspired me throughout my budo practice.
  7. ProTKD


    Very interested article

    Hi Andy, I like your article especially the one that you've said There are no bad Martial arts, only bad Instructors! hahaha that's corrected. Good JoB :cool:

    if you don't mind I would like to make a copy and past to post it in myspace blog. Thanks
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  8. Randumbz

    Randumbz New Member

    How do I become a master martial artist?

    i've wanted to learn martial arts for a really long time.a couple of years ago i started taking karate lessons, but the sensei wasn't teaching us "real karate". my mom made me quit because she said that i didn't have enough time for it. i really want to become stronger and i'm interested in learning, muay thai, caopeira, or kickboxing. is there somewhere where i can meet a martial arts master? how do i become one? by the way i'm only 13 (almost 14)
  9. Simon

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    Randumbz,welcome to MAP. You will probably get more answers posting on the beginners section.
    You are young, forget about martial arts masters. It is not like it is in the movies.
    Find a good school and just try to attend regularly.
    You have many years in front of you. I not teach my own style and did not even start training until I was 17.
  10. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    May I ask, what does this mean?
  11. Randumbz

    Randumbz New Member

    he means to say that i''m just a weak kid and should wait 4 years before starting to train. He said that because he started training when he was 17 and now he teaches martial arts
  12. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Not true.

    What I meant was you do not have to worry about mastering everything now.
    I used to want it so hard, but now as an older man who is still training and learning there is plenty of time.
    You are starting 4 years ahead of what I did, so just turn up to class, keep practicing and you'll be awesome.
    Don't start with the weak kid bit. I am trying to be helpful. Listen and learn.
    Now is a great time to start martial arts. Youngsters like you soak up the knowledge so quickly.
  13. Randumbz

    Randumbz New Member

    i was just kidding but i'll take your advice
  14. Heian

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    What a line!
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  15. Randumbz

    Randumbz New Member

    i've been "training" myself for this whole month. i do pushups, situps, and shadow boxing everyday now. i've gotten a lot stronger. but i don't know what martial art i'm training myself in lol. it's kind of like kickboxing but with a lot of stuff i made up
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  16. 47MartialMan

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    I guess this can happen with cooking and driving.

    Just go ahead and "make up" stuff
  17. Jackitate

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    This helped ;o!
  18. 47MartialMan

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  19. nidan82

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    There are many large 'commercial' martial arts schools which should be avoided. Taking inspiration from martial arts movies is fine, but beware. Here in the U.K. there is a rapidly growing trend in so called martial arts schools which dedicate large proportions of their lessons to the study of 'extreme martial arts'. This is where the students try to master 'flying kicks' and back flips along with any other acrobatics deemed worthy of the movies. There are even associations which advertise in the newspapers; 'get your black belt in six months'. Not to mention the vast array of newly invented 'traditional styles'. It's all very misleading. MMA's popularity grows and grows, although I would argue that the clubs that claim to teach this do not teach one 'art' in the sense of the word, let alone a mix of them, merely a loose system of street fighting which goes against the code of all martial arts. The points in the article are very valid. Taking care to choose the right club will reward the student and help to preserve the true martial arts, while commercialism seeks to dilute them.
  20. 47MartialMan

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    6 Months? Where?

    You can get one off Ebay in 6 weeks ;);)

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