So what should Tai Chi look like?

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Baggsy, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. daftyman

    daftyman A 4oz can of whoop-ass!

    Maybe the conspiracy was started by the Priory of Scion (or british diplomats in Moscow)! I mean, c'mon! A guy expresses his opinion, remember it's only an opinion and suddenly he's part of a conspiracy. From what I can see Richard Dunn isn't a CMC stylist but a Yang stylist. They can be very different in their opinions/approaches to practice.

    Maybe his experience of Wudang is limited and so he didn't see the complete picture, or understand it for that matter. He prefers CMC taiji. Again so what?
  2. cullion

    cullion Valued Member

    There is no evidence in the contemporary sources (either Tacitus or the sagas) that people used to exercise by standing in rune postures.
    Every mention of runes I've ever come across in either the sagas or Tacitus refers to runes as things carved onto objects for divination and good auspice.

    To claim otherwise in the absence of any historical source is rather like if a yoga practitioner with new-age inclinations saw a Ogham script and said 'see those Ogham characters ? they're ancient celtic yoga postures they are', or 'see that Roman alphabet? ancient roman asanas, I swear to you!'.
  3. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Hey VR,

    I guess some people need affirmation as to what they are doing is right, they must have some doubts of their practice deep inside them. Why else would anyone spend this much time and energy in such a pointless discussion.

    At the end of the day if your art works and you have belief in it, why would you feel threatened by someone who practices the same art differently from you?

    (A) You’re an egomaniac

    (B) You have doubt in your practice

    (C) You’re an egomaniac who has doubts in their practice

    Why else would someone get so inflamed about such an issue? I think any balanced individual would just let the troll starve..
  4. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    My experience of Wudang and CMC is not limited. When you have sensitivity skills you only need a touch to know it is the wrong energy. Chu King Hung discovered this about them. Forget the nonsense written by Dan Docherty about the meeting. CKH wished to prove to his own satisfaction that Wudang was not Tai-Chi as he had suspected. CMC on the other hand is a little odd in its collapsed structures but the energy is definitely Tai-Chi. It is very much on the Yin side of the equation.
  5. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Heh, it is dropping off. I am 19 1/2 stone, I have always been a big guy.

    No, it's a load of bollocks. Suppose I am just fed up arguing my case, folk make up their minds themselves. Perhaps I will get a passion for arguing about it again, at the moment I just want to train. I get up at between 6 and 6.30am before work to do my Nei Kung, I also like to do it on Saturday before Judo, and half of the time I just do them on a Sunday too.

    Can you tell I don't have a girlfriend!! :D
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  6. liokault

    liokault Banned Banned

    I guessed that at the 19 1/2 stone bit :D .....Hey, if cullion can be married there is still hope for you lol.
  7. Pikul

    Pikul Valued Member

    Liokault - you're a friendly chap aren't you calling me a fibber, a fool and a construct. You come across a tad sensitive and paranoid mate - have some faith in your training. I can say what I like about Wudang seeing as I do part with my hard earned to train in it. You don't own or define Wudang anymore than I do. I honestly couldn't care less if people's opinions differ to mine.

    I'm sorry you've taken such offence to me. It clearly wasn't a good idea for me to join this forum. Good-bye everyone and keep training.
  8. Choices

    Choices New Member

    Unfortunately, the unsensible can drive the Sensible away.
    And Pikul, you enjoy your training mate :). No harm in leaving Forums, just as long as you don't leave because of harm. It's only a forum
  9. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    Is it their plan to bully everyone who dissagrees with them off the forum so only Wudangers are left?

    Well this silly **** doesn't get bullied and I don't care if it is 10 to 1 or 100 to 1. Some just deserve to be ignored others are worth playing with. You learn a lot about people in this process. A lot of you are also capable of reading the runes :) as well.
  10. Choices

    Choices New Member

    Meh, i know forums a bit by now. Things like these always happen, even in the forums concerning the deepest philosophical subjects, jokers appear.

    Yin in Yang, i suppose ;).
    I agree, but I would change "Some just deserve to be ignored" to: "Some posts just deserve to be ignored". As i feel the post does show a side of someone, it doesn't show the person totaly.

    For example; One of bullies (to me) in my class when i was between 8-14, showed up at my dad's funeral along with his 'bully' mates, after that we settled differences and just accepted another. They would've been (to me) the last person to show up, but they showed up against all odds really.
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  11. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Hey, careful or the next one of these bullshido meets i'll come down and give you a 19 1/2 stone whooping! :D

    Depends though, is Cullion rich?
  12. liokault

    liokault Banned Banned

    Urrmmm? But he was a (claimed) Wudanger :D .
  13. Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn Banned Banned

    No he wasn't, he said very early on that he was an ex wudanger, though I get the impression he maintained contact.

    You know perfectly well what you did, and you made accusations to me in the process. Why can't you wudangers take criticism and look at what people are saying with an open mind. As I have said many times you do a good and effective martial art, the problem is you call it Tai-Chi. It should be obvious to you that when ever you go on about bashing people you get critical reaction from Tai-Chi-ers, and when ever Tai-Chi-ers talk about Tai-Chi and internal energy (which is the basis of the art) you all go epileptic. I think you are all trying to be too much like Dan IMO.
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  14. Sandus

    Sandus Moved Himself On

    Enough. People are entitled to their own opinions. Let them believe what they wish to. If Pikul finds that this forum is not receptive to him, he is free to leave. I do encourage you guys to respect each others' opinions, regardless of how much validity you afford them. I am tired of all this fighting amongst people over simple disagreements in practice. This forum is meant for you to share your different perspectives openly and learn from one another. It is not open season on any particular style, member, or practice. If I find any thread devolving into mudslinging or name-calling, I will lock it. I don't want to have to do that, but if it comes down to locking every thread or the Tai Chi forum appearing to be populated by bickering little children, then I would prefer to lock it all.

    You are all adults. Start acting like it.
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