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    Gave Judo a miss on Friday as I went down with a bad case of "couldn't be arsed-itis".
    So I made up for it by going on a 4.5K run on Saturday morning, then stronglifts Saturday evening and then back at Karate on Sunday. Busy weekend.
    Run wasn't too bad considering I haven't run for months. Basically a slow plod round the woods. Nice to get out and about.
    Lifting was OK. Dialled back the weights to make a slow progress again. Got a sore shoulder from Judo that isn't helping. Watched the UFC as I lifted. I am manly!
    Karate was an experience. Warm-up and exercise was horrific. So unfit for the kind of interval/mixed work we do in Karate.
    I've realised I've become "that person" in a martial arts club. The one that's always getting injured or hurt.
    Little bit of knockdown sparring to finish the class. I was way off the pace.
    Managed to get my shin up and elbow together to block a roundhouse from "Big Adam" but his shin bone crashed into my elbow and hit the nerve. Immediate shock down my arm, arm went numb and today it hurts if it's fully straight and hurts of it's bent. Lovely.
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    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So...I've got a basic weekly routine worked out. Whether I stick to it or not is another matter. :)

    Monday - Rest day. I'm old, I need 'em. Plus the missus goes to a class on a Monday so the kids are my responsibility.
    Tuesday - Weights (variation on Stronglifts...Tuesday being squat, bench, row and core day)
    Wednesday - Exercise bike. A slow half hour and then some sprint intervals to finish
    Thursday - Another rest day. I need it before tackling Judo on Friday.
    Friday - Judo.
    Saturday - 4.5K run in the morning and then weights in the evening (Saturday being squats, OH press, deads and chin ups)
    Sunday - Karate

    Judo journal: Stardate 17102014 - " I hate thee"

    Missed a couple of Judo sessions. I was sick as a dog last week and slept for most of Friday. So down I went again. This was a mostly randori session as someone was grading and needed some instructor attention and randori requirements. A fair bit of uchikomi and throw for throw too. Some ground work thrown in for good measure. God how I hate hold downs. A couple of times some big lads got a hold down and that was that. No space to move and not enough strength or technique on my part to escape. Seems a lame way to "win" to me but that's Judo. When I did BJJ my game was based on movement and snatching subs during scrambles so being laid on by a gorilla rankles slightly. Without them having to make space for a finish there's nothing for me to work with. Finished with some medicine ball exercises and chucking about some big rugby/grappling pads. Fitness maybe marginally better but still gasping by the end of the session.
  3. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So...just got a vomiting baby off to sleep at 1:30am, want to watch him for a couple of hours just in case he sicks up the bit of milk I managed to get down him before he nodded off so what better time is there to update my fitness journal?

    Judo's taken a hit the last few weeks. I can only get down on a Friday night and Friday nights end up being when lots of other things get planned (like Halloween and Bonfire night stuff). Friday nights are just the worst night for training because it's at the end of the work week too. I'm knackered by Friday.

    Anyway...getting back into regular Saturday morning runs. Got myself a smart-phone app and have now worked out my route is 4.3K and it takes me about 30 minutes (often depending on if I have to walk past dog walkers). Not as quick as I'd like but then there are 3 kissing gates to navigate and it's currently very boggy and treacherous in places at the moment. Last week I nearly went ****-over-tit and managed to pull my shoulder/lat out of whack trying to prevent myself going face first into some brambles. But then that kind of balance and body awareness is why I prefer runnning out side as opposed to treadmills. Pick your footing and adjust on the fly.

    Right shoulder is still bugging me and it's making lifting really annoying. Had to bail on my saturday session during the OH presses.

    And finally an operation I'm due has been moved forwards so that puts the mockers on anything remotely impactive for most of December. :(
    Best get some sessions in while I can.
  4. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So a couple of Judo sessions to log (if I can remember them)...

    Judo journal: Stardate 21112014 - "You say ko-uchi I say o-uchi...let's call the whole thing off"

    We did the same sort of format as seems usual...start with light shadow movement, breakfalls and "self throws" (where you do the throw movement solo and then roll yourself through it). We did all sorts of movements up the dojo too and there was finally something I felt comfortable doing...cartwheels! Then onto uchi-komi and throw for throw. Then randori of various sorts. Main focus tonight were various incarnations of reaping throws (o-uchi, ko-uchi etc), focusing on direction of least resistance (not always where you think it is) and using them to create movement and reactions to set up other throws. The lesson slows down after the randori and it gets more technical/instructional and then finally ramps up again with some circuits and lugging stuff around (man-sized rugby pads usually).

    Judo journal: Stardate 28112014 - "A kindred spirit at last"

    After some warm up movement we moved our partners, and ourselves up and down the mat in various ways. Bear crawls, pulling with our arms, pushing along on our bums with our hands, etc. Found a guy that, if anything, is a bit more inept than I am! It's not my best side but I do feel a certain boost knowing I'm not as clueless as he is. I'm only human. Couldn't lift me in the "bride over the threshold" manner or a piggy back or fireman's carry. Moved onto group uchi-komi where we had to do 50 throw entries in a row (going round in a circle). I'm so unfit I was knackered after that. Then randori (awful). Got beautifully thrown by a black belt. He got an underhook grip so I whizzered over the top to try and control that arm (seemed like a good idea at the time). That just gave him the tightness and control he was after and over I went (some sort of hip throw i think). It's a very odd feeling being that convincingly upended and then (fairly gently to be honest) lowered to the floor. Total control on his part but felt like being put in a washing machine to me. Again slowed stuff down after randori with a pretty good look at juji-gatame. Different entries off of the turtle/failed throw, defences and how to overcome those defences. Glad it slowed because I managed to turn an ankle during randori and it was getting more sore as the lesson progressed (and could barely walk on it the next day).

    No judo for a while as I've an operation on Friday and then no contact sports for 2 weeks (which I think takes me up to the last session of the year).
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  6. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Perhaps I should have typed "I feel old, I need 'em"?
  7. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So I'm up on blocks for a couple of weeks (recovering from an op).
    No contact sports, running or heavy lifting for 2 weeks (or thereabouts). More than likely take it easy over Chrimbo and get back into things after that.

    So I'm taking this time to take stock of my fitness, get some tangible measurements and in the new year make a concerted effort to move some of the numbers in the opposite direction to the one they are currently moving. I don't have the means to be able to finely measure this sort of stuff (proper scans or full fitness tests) so it'll all be formula based. Maybe not as accurate as I'd like but at least it should track movement one way or the other.
    This is about to get a bit more personal than I'd like but at least these stats will be here as a reminder. :)

    Age - 41
    Height - 5'10"(and a bit)/178cm
    Weight - 14st 7lb/91.8kg
    Resting HR -62bpm
    Max HR - 178
    VO2 Max - 43.9
    Press ups/min - 30
    Waist - 40"/102cm
    BMI - 29 (overweight!)

    So there...that's where I'm at in all its glory.
    Ideally I'd like to get that waist measurement down as I've a feeling I'm carrying a fair bit of visceral fat (the unhealthy kind). I'm not that muscular and I'm certainly not strong for someone of nearly 15 stone.
    I plan on updating these measurements monthly and see how the year pans out.

    I'm also going to do a blood glucose test to see how well my body deals with blood sugar but haven't done that yet. I have diabetes in my family so that's always something to watch for.
  8. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Good luck, a couple of other measurements you could use to help assist fitness is doing something like a recorded 10 minute run, see how far you can go and how quickly your HR recovers in 1 minute afterwards, then a month or so later repeat. That along with your resting HR will let you know if your conditioning part of the equation is getting better/worse or staying the same

    I would say that (and this is just my opinion) looking at your plan a few posts back if you want to improve fitness two days a week of conditioning and one day of judo and one day of karate might not be enough
    Depending on what your priorities are it might be an idea to drop weights back to 1 day a week to maintain what you have (and maybe see slower progress) , and increase the conditioning to 3 or even 4 days
    It sounds like a lot I know but if you look methods of conditioning which won’t kill you but will actually help you recovery then you might not need as many rest days, simple tempo intervals like Charlie francis had his guys do for example are great for this
  9. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Ah yeah cool...I'm trying to do some HIT sessions in the week. Adding them into the longer run and on other days.
    Then watching my diet too.
    So hopefully the main things I wanna see are a reduction in waist, weight and BMI and maybe a drop in resting HR too.
    Ideally I'd like the press ups in a minute to go up too as that's always been a failing of mine (hopefully the weights and weight loss will help with that...stronger AND less body weight to lift)
  10. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Be careful of the HIT stuff it can have a very bigeffect on your recovery for other things especially if you have less energy because you are cutting back on carbs and don’t have a well prepared aerobic system

    With a resting HR of 62 it might be best to work on cardiac output stuff (hr between 120-150bpm) and simple aerobic intervals for the first month or so (then if you want to add them in you will be fit enough to do enough volume to reap the benefits)
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    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Judo journal: Stardate 16012015 - "Everything looks great until you bash your nose"

    So first session back after post op lay-off (which went on longer than anticipated due to infection). This was a session taken by the chairman of the Yorkshire and Humberside judo region Colin Cleavin (6th dan). It was a total newaza (groundwork) session because apparently he also did the last session and that was all tachi waza (standing). Started with some moving warm up and then did loads of solo ground drills. Lots pf variety so I can't remember most of them. Various rolls, sit throughs, shrimps, twists, etc. Partnered up and did some clock type drills (moving around a person on the ground and maintaining pressure). Then some sume gaeshi throwing in continuous motion. Looked great but bashed my nose on one rep. Another fun drill where you had to basically side rugby tackle your partner as they are on hands and knees, roll and throw them off you as you roll. Apparently I did this really well....right up until Mr Cleavin decided to use me doing it to show the others how to do which time I muffed it. :(
    Then a good look at kesa and reverse kesa gatame. Maintaining proper control and pressure, escapes, escape counters, etc. Then finished up with some ground drilling interspaced with sparring. Good session. Fitness really needs some work as I can grapple for a bit but as soon as we stop I get delayed tiredness.
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    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So...update time. It'll be long and rambly so bear that in mind. :)

    Had a lay off from training and have had a rethink on life due to some issues.

    I've been having treatment for GAD (general anxiety disorder). Suffered with anxiety since I can remember and it was one of the main reasons I started martial arts in the first place (and martial arts has certainly helped).
    But still every so often it rears up again and causes problems.
    Well a couple of months back it became an issue and needed treating (anti-depressants, CBT and some lifestyle changes).
    I was also diagnosed with GORD (gastro-intestinal reflux disease). Basically daily heartburn and indigestion. Again something I've intermittently suffered from before that seemed to kick into overdrive recently (it's probably related to the GAD too as stress can be a factor in GORD).
    I had become very inactive (tired all the time, no energy or enthusiasm) and it was recommended as part of the CBT to get active again as activity is good for mood regulation.
    Getting active again has been a really hard step. I kept making excuses and putting it off (I'll start next week, I've been busy this week, I need to do "X" instead, etc etc).
    So I've had to rethink what I do and when and slowly get back into things.
    Sadly I've knocked Judo on the head. I really enjoyed it but the training time was really inconvenient (late on a friday night, meaning it was all to easy to make excuses not to go) and I found the training really hard on my old body. Took a couple of heavy throws (mentioned in this log) that flared up my bad back and left me aching for days after.

    So I looked around for alternatives. Something at a better time and better suited to what I wanted out of training (enjoyable regular activity basically).
    In a strange twist I've ended up going back to Taekwondo with the TAGB at a club in East York taught by Gavin Cook 3rd dan.
    The TAGB is the association I got my TKD black belt with back in the day (WAY back in the day) before deciding that TKD was flawed and going off to do grappling, heavy contact, weapons, pressure testing and all that lovely stuff.

    It's a friendly family club, instructor seems like a good guy, my daughter is training now too (how long she'll stick it I don't know), I get to wear my old black belt and this is suiting me much better.
    As much as I can see that Judo would be better to fill up holes in my skillset (throws and stuff) at my core I'm a kicker and puncher and TKD just suits me better as an art (despite the failings I can still see in it).
    So last night I went training and we did some patterns to start (they are still up in my brain but very rusty and mixed in with the karate kata I know), some circuit training with various stations that got us nice and sweaty and then some sparring and stretching off to finish.
    Feels good to be back in martial arts again. :)
  13. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Awesome I hope you continue to enjoy it, and that it helps your GAD and GORD :)
  14. Frodocious

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    Sorry you've had to ditch Judo. I've come to the same decision as you, what with my recent eyesight troubles on top of the back issues. Although I enjoy Judo, I don't think it's great for the ageing, injured body! It's also important, from the motivation point of view, that training times are convenient. Glad you've found something you enjoy to replace it and hope you get your other issues under control soon.! :)
  15. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Thought I'd kick this lifeless log back into use. New year and all that. Really interesting reading back what I was up to. last entry mentioned getting back into TKD at a new club and that's gone really well. I'm now an assistant instructor at the club as my experience in martial arts was recognised by the instructor and he values my input. Which is nice. Daughter still training (with variable degrees of interest) and my young son is also doing a kids class.

    Had a bad 2018 for a number of reasons but determined to make 2019 a new start and taking control of things. Rather than waiting for motivation to hit I'm going with discipline instead.

    I'm currently 14 stone 3 (having lost half a stone last year) which, given what I ate at Christmas, is pretty good I thought. :)

    Started this year by getting onto Huel for lunches during the week. Finding it perfectly fine and a definite improvement on the fast food choices and sugary snacks I was eating just for through laziness and ease really.

    I'm aiming to train or exercise every day if I can. Nothing crazy but some form of activity everyday. Last week looked like this...

    Monday: 30min HIIT session (using a Joe Wicks DVD!)
    Tuesday: 1 hr Taekwondo
    Wednesday: 30min HIIT session
    Thursday: 30min Stationary bike (slow and steady with sprints at the end)
    Friday: 1 hr Taekwondo
    Saturday: 30min Bagwork (using the Iain Abernethy MP3) and patterns
    Sunday: 1hr Iain Abernethy solo training DVD and stretching

    Supplementing that with a 15 minute walk morning and evening and a half hour walk at lunch time almost every weekday.
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  16. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong training log attempt 3? 4?

    Anyway....after a few months of back issues I've gone through physio and it feels much better. Not 100% but night and day compared to how I wasn't functioning a few months back.

    So I'm attempting to lay the foundation of activity across the week. Moderate activity helps my back...too much and it can flare up.

    Roughly it goes "lift, run, swim, rest, repeat".

    Monday - Lifting day. Squats, a push, a pull, hip thrusters, etc. All very basic and compound lifts with some specifics for my back.
    Tuesday - AM Run. Currently part way through couch to 5k. This run will evolve into some sprints or HIIT once the foundation fitness is set up. Evening session of taekwondo.
    Wednesday - AM swim. Just swimming. Gentle but active.
    Thursday - Evening pilates. Been advised to do some form of pilates/yoga by my physio and this evening suits me.
    Friday - Lift day 2. Same sort of thing as lift day 1. Squats, chins, deadlifts, etc.
    Saturday - Run 2. Couch to 5k at the moment but looking to make this a 5k parkrun when I finsh the C25K.
    Sunday - Swim. Just a fun session with the kids so more a rest day really. Taekwondo in the evening on occasion.

    So far its very manageable and fits in well with my other commitments.
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  17. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong log re-start number 8? 9? Lockdown has been pretty good for me training wise as I managed to get through the C25K programme!
    I'm still trying to fill my week with a basic schedule that keeps me motivated, engaged and not too sore or stiff.

    It's basically variations on "run, lift, shoot, fight, repeat"

    Mondays = A 5k run. It's maybe half pavement/road and half forest and field paths.
    Tuesday = Compound lifting session 1. Squat, Bench, Row, Hip thrusters. Son does Beavers so I have enough time to drop him off, doa 50 minutes session and then pick him up.
    Wednesday = Archery. I like to include a session each week of something "skill" based but not too active. My choice activity is archery. I shoot mainly clout style so get a good workout shooting 15 arrows at a time and then walking 360 yards there and back to retrieve them.
    Thursday = Lifting session 2. Squat, OHP, Deadlift, chins. Daughter at scouts so again I drop her off, get home for a 50 minute session then back out again.
    Friday = Taekwondo session. Still not full pre-covid set-up but getting there. I'm in the lower grade class as I'm training with my 6 year old son. And I'm fine with that.
    Saturday = Second 5k run. Same route as Monday but I do it in reverse which makes for gentler up hill sections but steeper downs.
    Sunday = Personal solo martial arts session inc. 25 mins bagwork, stretching, patterns, etc.

    So I don't actually get any rest days but Wednesday and Friday are pretty easy days and basically active rest. Depending on the weather I move the archery session round the week (I shoot outside) so sometimes Wednesday is a totally free day but I do two things on another day (archery in the AM then a lift/run/TKD in the the evening).

    I've then built in some easier weeks by every time I log 10 x 5k runs in strava I give myself a week off where I walk rather than run and lay off the lifting. Just so the schedule isn't so relentless week after week.
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  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Good to see you restart logging again!

    You have been pretty active in this time. And congrat to the 5K! I tried few years later, but stopped quite soon due to my shins hurting. I've never been a huge fan of long distance running anyway (anything more than 1 km is long distance for me, just so you understand :D ).
    It is also cool your Teakwondo school is still open at this time.
  19. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    It took me ages to get through the C25K because I get shin splints. I wore compressions calf sleeves and repeated runs and weeks until I felt ok to progress more. I know a sedate 5k is about my limit. Any faster or longer and the shins flair up. Now I'm not wearing the sleeves and the shins feel OK.
    I don't think I'll ever be a "runner" though.

    TKD has been virtual all through lockdown and is now on again although in small classes, socially distanced and in family bubbles. That may change if we go from tier 2 to tier 3 (which looks likely tbh).
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    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    So...back on the training log again. :)
    After a long (6 months plus) recovery from tennis elbow (caused by working with a mouse all day, over enthusiastic badminton and bad lifting technique) I'm semi-functional again. Gently trying to get back into martial arts and lifting without aggravating the elbow.
    Running has been a constant since January the 1st. My new year's resolution was simple consistency and, touch wood, most weeks have been at least 2 5k runs. Times slowly creeping down over 5k but I'm never going to be any sort of credible runner. I just find it too hard and it doesn't come naturally. Getting under 30 mins for 5k was a goal and I've managed that. Next goal is maybe getting under 28 minutes but that may never happen. If I could run the last 3k like the first 2 I'd be under 27 minutes! How people run it in 17/20 minutes is literally mind boggling to me.
    Main revelation has been going to Parkruns every Saturday morning (if other plans don't get in the way). Such a good atmosphere and support. Such a positive experience. Plan to do that as much as I can.

    Martial arts wise as I'm still working from home I do a little each day (strecthing, body weight stuff and patterns/kata).
    I have a little adapted yoga sun salutation sequence (inc. hindu squats and press ups) I'm enjoying when it's sunny in the garden.
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