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    My thoughts exactly.
    I've pondering it for months, worried about getting injured, being past it, etc.
    Then I did the MAP meet and thought "just do it you ponce". :)
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    Judo Journal - 002 (01/08/14)

    Last night was a total newaza (groundwork) session. There's a female blackbelt going for her instructor credentials so she took most of the class with occasional pointers from the main 4th dan guy. Starting with a basic warmup, mobility drills, breakfalls, bridging etc. Then it was hold downs (kesa-gatame, mune-gatame (I think), various side controls) and counters/reversals from those hold downs. Can't get my head around turning a guy over that is turtled. He's giving up the back so get your hooks in and work for a choke! Still some BJJ coming through in that regard. Also can't agree that just getting a guys leg when he has a scarf hold "breaks" the hold down. It does from a Judo perspective but not from a control or dominance perspective.
    Partnered up with another white belt...who is also a bouncer at a local club and had done some MMA. So you can gather how hard he was to turn over or reverse. :)
    Ground randori at the end, winner stays on with people rotating in, working hold downs mainly but also some subs (got an armbat at one point! yay!). Still get woefully knackered doing this stuff. A combination of trying too hard, not relaxing, not breathing, being unfit and it being hot I feel.
    Finished with medicine ball exercises up and down the mat. Squats, press ups over it, leg lifts, russian twists, etc.
    Today I'm covered in coin sized skin bruises from all the gi pinches and grappling.
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    Weights session. Squats, oh press, deadlifts and chins. Hard work after judo the previous day. Quite achey but good to get back into this. Watched last episode of 'breaking bad' series 4 as I trained. Wicked.
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    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Judo journal: Stardate 15082014 - 'Who needs skin anyway?'

    Basic warm-up to start and then looking at tai otoshi. I can already tell tai otoshi and me aren't going to be friends. Messed it up at one point and my partner went down onto my leg. Got some great pointers from a black belt guy (where to place feet, gripping etc) just can't see tai otoshi being 'my' throw. Managed to rip the skin off the first knuckles on my left THAT'S why judoka end up covered in tape and plasters. First ever randori and managed to pull off a semi-live throw! Tried a tai otoshi, got a reaction forwards with my foot between his so swept his opposite leg back and dropped him. I think I was more surprised than him!
    Finished with newaza randori and managed a couple subs but very nearly got caught with a collar choke and reverse triangle I never saw coming. Really good fun.
  5. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Judo journal: Stardate 29082014 - 'Baptism of fire'

    So I went along to Judo thinking it was a normal lesson. Must have missed a memo or something because it was a special session and it was already underway.
    The mayor of York was watching and everything.
    Very nearly bowed out and went home because I hate being late but chatted to a couple of people and was told I could join in easy enough.
    Not sure what was so special about the session because the guy teaching could only be a grade up from me. I've got a white belt while his belt was a mix of white AND red*. He appeared to know his stuff though.

    There were also a few people with their names on their backs and the letters "GBR". For some reason this made them really hard to throw while they could throw me really easily. Must be a special gi or something.

    I partnered one guy (last name Illingworth) and quite honestly, although he was a couple of inches shorter than me, it was like I was trying to throw a wardrobe wearing a coat. Could barely move him let alone throw him.

    We did various variations of randori, winner stays on, no counter throws (like I could even manage that anyway), continue into newaza, etc. Changing partners all the time. Lots of fun but minimal success on my part. Had some success with drop shoulder throw which was something I liked back in BJJ and sub grappling.

    Later on we were taken through a more technical session on "Uchimata" by some buff geezer called "Owen Livesey". He'd won a gold medal at something called the "commonwealth games". Watching him do this on someone at full speed and power was a sight to behold. SO dynamic. I'm pretty sure if he did that on someone that didn't know how to fall he'd almost kill them. I felt the landing standing 15 foot way.

    I've done martial arts for years but never have I felt like such a clutz as when I'm doing Judo. Trying to combine the lift and pull with the arms, inserting the hip, moving the feet, looking in the right direction (always seem to be looking at my hands or hip) is just incredibly complicated. Like trying to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time...with someone else's hands.
    Finished up with some newaza randori and felt my old BJJ training is helping here. We did a few rounds from various positions. At one point we had to "sangaku the leg above the knee".
    Aha I thought...half guard! Familiar territory (although it always felt like half mount to me).
    Had one black belt guy and managed to get underhooks on him and pull off the "old school" sweep (as Eddie Bravo calls it). Then when he had half guard on me I managed to put my free foot on his thigh and pull through into side control. To be fair I think he'd done much more ground work than I had that night so was a bit bushed.
    Very enjoyable session all round. :)

    *I know that means he was at least a 6th dan. :)
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    Got an exercise bike in the home gym and I'm fitting in the odd 30 minute session when I can. Pretty steady state and then some sprints/tabata time intervals at the end. Watched the UFC the other week while biking. :)

    Judo journal: Stardate 12092014 - 'My head goes where?..And my hips do what?'

    Missed a session last week due to lower back flaring up. I feel this may be a common occurrence. Back into it last Friday though.
    Another session with the 6th dan from the previous commonwealth games session. I think he's the area overlord or something.
    Session started with essentially Judo shadow boxing. Moving around the mat, signifying throws, doing rolls etc. Trying to keep it realistic with how you'd move in a bout.
    On to various bouts of randori with various stipulations (no counters, no arm round the head/neck, starting a waza ari down or up, etc). an Uchi mata (a throw I barely know but have watched loads and tried to understand). Got the guy really moving and off balance but he managed to out hop me and get out. Got some 6th dan encouragement for the effort though.
    Later part of the session divided up the seniors and juniors.
    In my ongoing quest to feel I have the coordination of a new-born wildebeest tonight we tried ouchi gari. Damn...couldn't get this AT ALL. As I'm finding with Judo, from the outside it looks simple...but it's the hardest martial art I've ever done. So technical, so many pieces of the puzzle to get right or else the throw just doesn't work. Pretty much every movement feels awkward. As a follow up to the ouchi we did guard passing (as I know it) because guard is a likely position to land in. And also a sweep from guard. I'm liking the fact that my Judo club seems pretty good with the groundfighting and we've done some at every session I've done so far.
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    Oh and I've started walking half an hour every lunchtime. Hearing so much about the benefits of walking and a general increase in activity that it seems worthwhile.
    Found a bit of green (footy pitches etc) 5 minutes away from the office block and industrial estate hell-hole I work in.
    So I sort a quick lunch and then pop round the park. Had to take a diversion today when I realised some other guy appears to do the same thing at the same time and we got in synch with each other. Awkward.
  8. Johnno

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    Is that the park close to the two ginormous tower blocks?
  9. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    I think you're about to be stalked PA!
  10. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I wouldn't stalk anyone down In Cottingley. I do have standards, you know.
  11. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Nope. I know where you mean though.
    Looking on a map I'm walking round somewhere called "New Wortley Recreation Ground".
    Nice views across the city.
  12. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I don't know that one. Wortley is one of the few parts of Leeds that I don't know at all well.

    I'm surprised it's only five minutes walk from where you work, to be honest. I assumed that the bit of green space near the tower blocks, and Cottingley cemetary would be the only green spaces near there.
  13. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Just realised I've given all the ninjas I've annoyed a time and place to assassinate me. :(
  14. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    Just wear a disguise.

    A hat, and an eyepatch would be a good start. A wooden leg might help to confuse them. And for that finishing touch, maybe a parrot on your shoulder?
  15. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Me too. I walk fast though. I checked google maps and there it was all this time.
    I do have to walk down the dodgiest back alley I've ever seen though to get there. The sort of alley used to film self defence videos. :)
  16. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    That isn't the underpass near the football ground by any chance?
  17. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong That's another mugger's paradise though.
  18. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I like the way that this thread is going. MAP has always needed a place to chat about the obscure and overlooked parts of Leeds, and now we have one. I just didn't expect it to be in the Health and Fitness section, if I'm honest.

    Could we get the mod's to change the title?
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    Judo journal: Stardate 19092014 - "Now THAT is a big man"

    Started again with judo shadow boxing. Moving round, signify throws, keeping balance, awareness of others around the mat.
    Part way through people started saying "hey's Magnus".
    My Judo club is up on a balcony and Magnus's head appeared up the stairs...the rest of his body took about 30 seconds to appear. This guy was at least 6'6", maybe more. Built like a brick WC too. And a brown belt. Joy.
    After shadow movement we moved onto uchikomi...winding in for a throw 9 times and then throwing on the 10th. Stuck to osotogari for now just to try and get some sort of throw ingrained.
    Then a couple of rounds of throw for throw. Give one take one.
    Partnered up with Magnus. Yeah that went well. He ended up on the floor but i think he was being nice.
    Then rounds of randori. Most people taking it easy with me as I'm so clueless.
    One black belt told me I'm bailing out of throws too early (when I feel I won't succeed). And I should carry on more. I may get countered but we might just collapse even if the throw doesn't succeed. Managed a hopping osotogari a little bit after that by going with the throw more.
    Grip fighting is horrible. I can feel people are getting their preferred grips but I've no idea what they are going to go for so I'm not sure what I should allow and what I should try and remove or stop.
    Then onto a ground entry into juji-gatame. Snagging an arm from turtle position, stepping over and then rolling over the shoulder. Then some pointers on breaking the grip.
    Then some ground fighting starting either back to back or from one standing over thr other.
    Finished up with some medicine ball exercises running up and down the dojo.
  20. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Judo journal: Stardate 26092014 - "I see beautiful"

    Same sort if structure to the lesson. Starting out with "shadow judo", moving around the mat, insterspaced with press ups, sit ups etc. Then partnering up for uchikomi, forward throws, backward throws. Then throw for throw practice. Then some randori.
    Managed to get my bell well and truly rung. Combination of a fairly young middle grade that could throw but not fully control me, and my poor breakfalling meant I landed very hard off a throw. Somehow winded myself AND landed on my head. Double bonus!!
    Had to sit out for a bit get me faculties back. I'm still wary of being thrown and get a little tense if I'm not sure where I'm headed. Not a good combination. If I know the throw before hand I'm much better at breakfalling.
    Makes me look again at the notion that throws and takedowns in MMA shouldn't be scored. A throw like that did far more to me than a stiff jab or body shot.
    After that onto more technical work. Tonight was looking at Harai goshi. Now that is a throw I like. I like the feel of it. Couldn't really do it mind but it felt a damn sight more natural than Tai Otoshi from a couple of weeks back.
    Then more randor. I *think* I managed a throw. Not to sure if my partner let me get it or not but I seemed to pull off a hopping osoto gari. Can't seem to get passed the arms of people so I hooked the leg and then hopped in and went for it (putting into practice some previous advice and keeping on with a throw).
    Then finally some exercises up and down the gym, crawling, medicine ball work.

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