Smash glass bottles with your fist!

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Kung Fu Panda 48153, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. aaradia

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    I am going to be blunt.

    You have never seen an artery cut by glass. I have. I was covered in blood. Head to toe. The room was saturated in blood. It poured out of the persons leg like a hose. Not the spurting off and on thing in the movies. Shot across the room. I applied a tourniquet that saved the persons life. It also helped that we lived only a block away from a hospital. He was in the hospital for a long time. His leg was permanently damaged. Deformed and didn't work properly. He was young. He will live with the consequences of an equally stupid thing done with glass the rest of his life. I had mental trauma that took many years to fully recover from.

    Yes it was his leg, but freak things happen and there are arteries in the hand.

    I urge you to reconsider doing this!

    It is dangerous.
    It isn't smart.
    It serves no viable training purpose.
    It won't increase any martial ability or skill.

    Everyone here is telling you the same thing I am. You do NOT have support here on MAP in doing this foolhardy thing.
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  2. Grond

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    I just realized something. This guy smashing bottles is also the ax training guy. ("Training with an sharp ax?" Training with an sharp ax..?). Kung fu panda posted both videos. Are you the guy making these videos? Any chance you are "Waki-Do Escrima Munster"?
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  4. Dead_pool

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    A very good point!
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  5. Thomas

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    I remember this was a fad in Korean Martial Arts for a while. It was used in demos quite a bit. The big thing was to hit hard at the base of the neck and pop the top right off. The downside was the mess. I don't recall a lot of injuries, but I do remember some bad cuts here and there from messing up.

    It really is just a demo trick. I don't see that it has any real value for training and especially no real value for self defense training. If the goal is confidence in breaking, re-breakable boards are better. If the goal is self defense practice, then there is basically zero value. There are much better ways to spend your time.
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  6. El Medico

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    No and no.

    I've seen people break 'em by hitting down on the top,or speed breaks by "chopping" the neck w/a perpendicular strike,but never that way.Probably because it's much more conducive to getting cut than those two methods. Even the aforementioned speed break once took a little finger off one of Mas Oyama's guys.
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    That's amazing[​IMG]

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