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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by LemonSloth, Aug 28, 2013.

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    powerlifters aren’t allowed to wear any form of assistance in the deadlift, so no gloves or straps, but you are right about the gloves in allot of cases making it harder to pulls as it widens your grip, chalk liquid or normal is the way to go
    Strongman cheat with straps lol, but then powerlifters don’t have to go do farmers walks straight after a max deadlift, or carry a car so I can sort of let them off
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    Blimey! I forgot ask-what are rope/towel chins? Never heard of it till I read your post. :confused:
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    I have a question for you. I notice that powerlifters tend to have a "keg" gut-pretty much the opposite of bodybuilders' 6-12 pack. Do powerlifters just tend to eat a lot without regard to quality or balance in the diet? :confused:
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    Question: What do you get when you combine no breakfast, a very small lunch, takeaway for dinner and several hours of gardening earlier in the day with a weight lifting session in the evening?

    Answer: A very tired, very sweaty me.


    Current date: 12/08/15.

    Training hasn't been as consistent as I would have liked because I've been taking the kids to see family, wildlife parks, etc. Still got in a fair amount of training though, which is alright. Just wish I had the energy to be a touch more consistent. I also managed to injure my stomach by not bracing properly during a lift, which meant I had to take a few days off. Lesson learned.

    On the plus side though, I did finally find out my honest 1rm for the OHP whilst seated - 67.5kg. Not a massive weight, but since I HATE seated OHPs, I'm quite happy with that. I'm now keen to take my kit outside when we have a nice day soon and see what my new 1rm is whilst standing.

    Anyways, last two days have been as follows:



    5 x 1 minute rest, 2 minutes boxing on the bag.

    1 minute rest.

    5 x 30 seconds rest, 1 minute sparring light contact on the bag w/ 1kg hand weights.

    30 seconds rest.

    5 x 15 seconds rest, 30 seconds boxing medium contact non-stop for the whole 30 seconds.

    30 seconds rest.

    Grappling bar w/ 15kg x 35 rotations (going left and right counts as one rotation).

    Shoulder mobility exercises.

    Found myself making a lot of silly mistakes with the bag, which was good/bad. Feet were a little heavy and rooted at times. Sometimes I caught myself leaning in to punch rather than driving through/rotating appropriately. Sometimes I found myself getting too close during combinations and had to move back a bit.

    Disappointed how often those things happened, but also happy I noticed myself doing them. Gives me something I know I have to work on.

    This is also the first time I've made it to the end of that routine and felt good about it (yes, my cardio really is that bad right now), so I'll be upping the rounds next time to 6 rounds of each & see how I get on. Once I get to 10 X everything, I'll increase the time. Then go from there.

    Kicks I'm drilling separately right now as they're just really, really bad lately.

    Also, the grappling bar is light just because I'm getting back into the flow of using it again. I'll be whacking up the weight to 30kg again soon and seeing how I get on.



    Overhead press shenanigans (whilst seated):
    w/ 30kg @ 1 x 10
    w/ 40kg @ 1 x 10
    w/ 50kg @ 1 x 10
    w/ 55kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 60kg @ 4 x 5, 1 x 6
    w/ 45kg @ 1 x 15
    w/ 35kg @ 1 x 10
    w/ 30kg @ 1 x 10

    I've taken to doing 100 reps of OHP whilst sitting when I'm working on volume, but working on minimal rest & minimal total time. Sometimes the weights go up & down, sometimes they go up & down like this.

    And yes, I'm aware that's only 96 reps. I may have miscounted at the time. Screw you. :p

    Current 1rm whilst seated is 67.5kg. I know it's not a massive weight, but I do find seated OHP to be far harder than standing OHP.

    Squat shenanigans:
    w/ 30kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 50kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 70kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 90kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 100kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 110kg @ 1 x 3
    w/ 115kg @ 1 x 3
    w/ 120kg @ 4 x 3

    Not looking to push for large volume or for 1rm's at the moment because I'm just trying to iron out some of the kinks in my technique. Also working on slowly progressing to ATG squats w/ 120kg.

    Probably my worst lift, but given my lack of attention to squats, I'm not really surprised.

    A few sets of curls w/ 15kg dumbbell & lots of stretches to finish.

    That's it. Not really all that much to write about, but still, it keeps me honest.
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    >100 ohp reps


    i'm so proud of you...

    *sheds manly tears*
  6. LemonSloth

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    Update as of 26/08/15 (as I have something to update!):

    Training has been going quite well over all actually, which has been nice. Haven't been sleeping so well this past week for some reason which has really drained me, but last night I finally had a good night's sleep which has helped massively.

    Boxing form has started to return and I've started being able to drill kicks against the bag more consistently for the first time in a long time without any discomfort afterwards. Form is terrible as you might imagine and so is my power, but I know now that I can practice it more consistently, that will return quite quickly.

    Bag work/circuit work (bag boxing/shadow boxing w/ 1kg weights/continuous boxing on the bag w/out gloves) has gone from 5 rounds each to 7 rounds each. Keeping it there because it's about right for my threshold right now. Still not amazing, but it's a decent improvement.

    Deadlifting has improved. My speed up until around 120kg has shot up dramatically and being able to multi-rep set 160kg with no problems is wonderful to do (I know I'm late to the party on this one, but still. Progress!)

    My squats are coming along. Form still isn't fantastic but I'm consistently getting good depth now and feeling stronger for it. I haven't tested my 1rm yet because I'm not comfortable doing so just yet, but I am getting more volume with weights that were formerly 1rm's. So that's cool.

    Been having problems with my left shoulder which has been twinging strangely until a couple of days ago, so I've been sticking to a pathetic 65kg when I bench press and just working the RoM, pausing during reps, etc. It's been helping a lot.

    As I mentioned previously, I've been doing more 100 rep OHP's whilst seated lately. The seated is mainly because of space. My training room's roof slopes lower than my head. But it's also quite hard.

    The volume was because I wanted to increase my volume anyway, found I was consistently doing 50-60 reps or so anyway during regular days and thought it would be fun. I constantly change the weight I'm pressing anyway as I do it, so it keeps it different each time.

    Anyway, since I had fish & chips tonight I decided to skip doing bag work for tomorrow and decided to test my OHP. Took my rack & equipment outside and had some fun.

    OHP shenanigans:
    w/ 20kg @ 1 x 10
    w/ 30kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 35kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 40kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 45kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 55kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 60kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 65kg @ 1 x 3
    w/ 70kg @ 1 x 3 (2 Pushes, 1 strict)
    w/ 75kg @ 3 x 1 (2 Pushes, 1 Strict - PR)
    w/ 77.5kg @ 1 x 1 (Strict PR)
    w/ 80kg @ 1 x 3 (Push)
    w/ 85kg @ 1 x 1 (Push)
    w/ 87.5kg @ 1 x 1 (Push PR)
    w/ 90kg @ 1 x 1 (Push PR)

    Very nearly got 92.5kg push & 80kg strict. But with the 80kg, I just couldn't get the lock out and with 92.5kg, I had one arm up and the other one nearly there but couldn't quite make it. It started to rain and I had a brief moment where I doubted it just didn't happen.

    Still, not bad improvement so far. Look forward to testing this again around December to see if I've made any more progress.
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    Mr Sloth, I'd appreciate a video demonstration of proper kickboxing kicks if you can link to one. I only have formal training in the karate variety. I'm going to be hanging a heavy bag ASAP, and I'd love to add some variety into my drills. :)

    WRT your OHP shenannigans, have you tried handstand pushups? I've found that doing this helps my OHP and push press. :)
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    go sloth go! :D
  9. LemonSloth

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    Quick update. Haven't done much because it's the week before the kids go back to school and I haven't been able to find the time properly. Wife is also super busy trying to help some family prepare to move house, so she's out all the time. Which means I can't get the time I need to train properly. So I haven't done much.

    Last night though past 11pm I did do a small deadlift session. Probably shouldn't have because I was knackered but I was feeling grumpy and needed to do something. Being tired meant I didn't have much energy though so I couldn't do as much volume as I wanted.

    Deadlift Shenanigans:
    w/ 60kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 80kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 100kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 120kg @ 1 x 5
    w/ 140kg @ 1 x 3 (w/ chalk - surprised how much more it improved my grip. This was really comfortable).
    w/ 160kg @ 3 x 3 (w/ straps 'cos I was tired. What was nice though was that though this was difficult, I could still do the three sets in quick succession with little rest between them. Perhaps on a good day I could manage more reps?).
    w/ 170kg @ 1 x 1
    w/ 177.5kg @ 1 x 1

    I thought I pulled 185kg last night but when I checked this morning, I had only put the extra weight on one side and not the other. So my heroic lift last night was silly, lopsided and not really heroic.

    Again, tired lifting is not good lifting :p

    Made up for it this morning though. With just wrist straps, I managed to pull an actual 185kg cold (PR) surprisingly easily. No warm up reps at all.

    *whistles innocently*.

    I will have to stop doing that though because one day I will seriously hurt myself.

    But today, I am a happy sloth. :)
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    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    More of a general update to say I'm alive more than anything else.

    No records to speak of, but still getting slow, gradual progress. Slow, gradual progress (in terms of volume, weight, etc) is good. Means I'm still going forward.

    Haven't had a great deal of traditional lifting lately though as I've been helping family members move house. New party tricks include picking up small potted trees meant for two people and walking off with them and picking up me-sized freezers by myself. So there's that.

    It also exposed the fact that as strong as I'm becoming, I need to change my training routine a bit. I've got my eye on a heavy sandbag in the hear future (60kg) to play with, but maybe towards the end of the year.

    Also, bought myself a new toy. Been wanting to do sled pulls & runs for a while, but I can't afford one of those strongman prowler thingeys (many are in the region of £300/$450). Also, since I've moved I've been completely unable to find a good place to break out my battle rope, which has made me sad.

    So I bought a wheeled wagon with a max weight limit of 200kg that I can use on the road without making a racket and in my garden. When it turns up, I'll be tying my rope to the handle and pulling it along accordingly.

    So I'm looking forward to that.

    Also noticed with the bag boxing my hand speed is starting to become a bit faster as well as a touch more co-ordinated. Still got a long way to go, but it's a start!

    Downside? I haz teh man flu again :(.

    So that's that folks. 'Till next time.

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