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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Wilson, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Wilson

    Wilson Valued Member

    Hello, I just purchased Size on creatine by gaspari and I want to know if it requires a "loading phase" If so could someone define what it is?

    And How many times would one recamend I take this? everytime I work out or everyday.
    With superpump it says to take it everyday but you only need to take it every time you work out.
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  2. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    i seriously think w/ the superpump and other no products they tell you to take it every day to get you in the store buying it more. and i don't think the sizeon has any loading phase. let me know how it goes. i've got alot of customers who swear by it.
  3. mookie

    mookie New Member

    you don't need to load size-on just start taking it. also you don't need to do everyday, when i used it i did but if your trying to save money (i know it's pricey) then your ok just taking on workout day during your workout.
  4. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    Creatine does not "require" a loading phase, however, it helps the process if you do a loading phase for one week. It's been shown that it saturates the muscles up to two weeks faster if you take 15-20g a day for the first week spaced out at 5g intervals during the day. After the loading phase, just take 5g an hour before you work out.
  5. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    the loading phase is generally meant for creatine monohydrate. with modern creatine technologies we have w/ creatine akg, creatine ethyl ester, esterified creatine, etc. you don't need to load most modern creatines unless they are the cheap gnc pro performance crap.
  6. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith New Member

    Which just happens to be what I use, :D; Go cheapness!
  7. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    haha, way to go!

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