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    American football is 1 analogy. How about rugby union? I'd rather tackle or be tackled by a stocky fly half than Jonah Lomu in his prime. Football is a game. So are MAs fought in a ring. Don't mean to start another argument there, but these guys get a lot of time to size up their oppositions tactics and form a game plan. It's top level and tactics and coaching has a massive input. By no means am I saying the excellent shorter takedown artists aren't great, nor would I want to face them either in a ring or "on the street"! They're clever athletes and skilful martial artists. But if I had no idea of the skills of who I was facing, I'd take the (stocky or not) 5'2" guy over the 6'7", 150kg man of muscle every time. And I'd still kick his knee and punch his throat. Call me crazy.
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    And if one of those skinny teenagers had a giant mattress dumped on them, they probably would have had their neck broken.
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    100% spot on. Couldnt agree more, Unless you were 6'7" and 300 pounds of packed muscle.

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    Indeed, good post, well said!
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    I have the best joke for this thread........


    But at least I know how to spell generalization.
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    but a least he is correct
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    God I love it when noobs pwn themselves.
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    Just wondering if anyone saw the ultimate fighting reality show championship, the heavyweight finals contained two opponents one who was about 5'11'' and 220lbs and his oponent who was about 6'7"and over 250lbs. Both men were in good condition and had worked really hard from the clips I saw during the series to reach the finals. However the larger man had not even been training a year when he entered the competition. And he was able to defeat opponents who had years of MA training under their belts. Although he was defeated in the end by a more smaller more skillful opponent his size was a huge factor.
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    perfect example...rashaad was way better, more skilled and more experenced...the big guy was sloppy. the thing that kept him in it was his overwelming size.....if rashaad was even close to him in size he would have beaten him soundly.

    btw nice work on rashaads part.
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    Pretty much common sence size does matter more often than not.

    There are exceptions but in the main bigger is often better. Even if its bigger and not all muscle this can also often be the difference.
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    Common sense really.

    What seems to confuse people is the fact that the smaller guy can be better, this does not prove size doesn't matter! :D

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