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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by mai tai, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Ya gotta love this kind of debate.

    If this was taking place in real life and NOT in the safe confines of the internet forum... then it'd be clear very fast just how much an advantage size is.

    Try it for yourself:

    Those who think size doesn't matter just walk down to a pub and tap the 6'5" 250lb bent-nose, knuckle-draggin' bloke standin' at the bar on the shoulder and tell him that if he want's to scrap that the size difference won't bother you in the slightest and it's time that he had a go instead of just standin' 'round like a puff!:D

    Just leave the address of the next of kin/hospital where you preferred to be taken and we'll send you a lovely boquet of flowers!

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    Depends what you tap him on the shoulder with :D
    hmm now where's that pool cue :D
  3. Garibaldi

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    And if everyone is so different surely no one factor can be classified as such a distinct advantage?

    Oh what a wonderful, all knowing martial artist you must be to make a statement that says "If you disagree with me you obviously have never been in a fight".

    From your other comments I believe you are far more intelligent and reasoned to result to a cheap comment like that! That's a bold wager based on a statement about someone on an internet forum about whom you know absolutely nothing simply because they disagree with their point of view?

    I'm small and size has never been the deciding factor in any fight I've been in.

    The debate was utterly pointless form the first page. That has been my point all along. Go back and read my posts.

    A fight is NEVER decided by one factor alone. If it were, that would have to mean all else is equal. And in the real life on "th3 str33t" that simply is not the case.
  4. pgm316

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    My point entirely! Its one factor, we could have the same debate with skill or strength.

    Ouch! We're even then! ;)

    Maybe thats because you're not an "average" small person then? The average person doesn't do martial arts so thats a big point for you straight off. All we can do is get as many factors in our favour as possible.
  5. Garibaldi

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    er... that's my point what are we debating about? :)

    Actually, I would debate those as invidual deciding factors too :D


    What about an "average" martial artist? Would size be the deciding factor in a fight between two "average" martial artists?

    p.s the last bit was meant as a joke, please don't reply back to that, cos you know I won't be able to let it lie and then we'll be here for the rest of the year!! :rolleyes:
  6. shotokanwarrior

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    I personally think that the thread starter just posted this to make him feel better about the fact that he couldn't deal with having to fight someone larger. If *no one* could have beat someone that size, he doesn't have to feel humiliated. It's like saying 'Well we're all going to die someday, so I don't have to take the fact that I'm going to die as a personal insult.'
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  8. mai tai

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    owch...that kinda hurts.

    btw did you bother reading my first post.

    i had trouble taking him down.

    i now take him down about 50/50. and on the ground i ALWAYS beat him. stand up...i always beat him. wher did i say no one could beat him.

    i admit its a bit humbling to be rag dolled. but its all among training partners so its all in fun.

    and as far as humiliated......i do compete at a pro level in various dicipline, so im not a bad fighter. and being comptitor i know there are better people.

    having trained with. andy zerger, pete spratt, saekson janira, anthony njokani, eric payne, joe wilk, jeff ford as well as other WAY more talented fighters than if i was going to be "humiliated " i have more than an ample chance with these guys.
  9. mai tai

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  10. Ikken Hisatsu

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    oh please. this coming from someone who goes to a self confessed mcdojo and probably has less fighting experience than my sister. Why dont you grow up, go to a real school and actually -fight- with people who are substantially bigger than you- not tippy tappy crappy point sparring either. he posted this to make himself feel better? maybe he posted it to start a discussion (which he did) about a very relevant subject. personal attacks (and I find it hilarious you call out someone with more fighting experience than you have probably even seen) just makes me think more and more you are nothing but a troll.
  11. Yohan

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    not specially, but the guy with hair didn't offer much resistance.
  12. Shrfu_Eric

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    that video link seems like someone is going too much with the flow !!!
  13. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    So you see death as a personal insult ???

    Prepare to be insulted then, because there's no escape...
  14. hux

    hux ya, whatever.

    I thought it was hilarious.

    It looked like something I would put together to make fun of people like the guy who put that together.

  15. dark-angle

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    Use your speed advantage……what makes you think that the big guy is going to be slow?

    Use your internal power…….So the big guy has no internal power?

    Go for his weak points, his knees, eyes, throat, pressure points……you also have the same number of weak points as the big guy!

    Be a smart fighter, out wit him……only going to work if his dumb and he could be smarter then you.

    Use his own weight against him…..yeah like let him fall on you

    Get in under his guard and attack… he is going to let you.

    His centre of gravity is higher, topple him…..hahaha.

    Use the element of surprise…….look behind you!

    The fact is that a bigger guy will always have something you will never have, a longer reach means he can hit you before you can hit him and he will be physically stronger which means his strikes will do more damage then yours. Also he can take more of a battering than you can.

    We will always meet someone bigger and stronger then ourselves, all we can do is our best. The fact is that the bigger guy will win unless you are more skilled then him, except it.


    I'm weary from this never ending battle

    First of all, when we see a track runner they have muscles, but their BMI's are far from Ronnie Coleman. Most faster athletes aren't ludicrously huge. Allen Iverson, Derek Jeter, Michael Johnson. Iverson especially, the man is 5'10" 140. Jeter is 6'1" and 175. Theyre known for their speed, generally for a 6 footer, once you get past 200 you will get slower. Trust me, ask Mai Tai he admits to loosing speed. Most freakishly tall people that I know are weak and frail. And any fool who says that height matters more than weight should go get into a fight.

    That being said, there are no absolutes in life. Take it from me, people who have a tremendous amount of size that can be used for an advantage are usually slower. I work with a 6'2(or 6'3 I can't tell) 304lbs security guard. If he weighed his ideal weight he'd be a far better combatant. Bob Sapp cannot kick above his waist(not like he needs to). I doubt he can scratch his own back. He's been at MMA for years, he should've developed more skill than he currently has, what has stopped him?(gee I think I know the answer...)

    And on the street, it aint about size or height...its about whos crazier. Ask any cop, there was a security/policeman on here posting earlier in concurence with the point I just made. Please don't be obnoxious and say what if two crazy guys of equal craziness go at it...the bigger one will win. I still refuse to except the fact that the best fighter in the world is a 6'3-6'6" MMAist who weighs between 250-400lbs. I just can't buy into it. Call me dellusional, but from my experience in MA, I've never seen a man whos big to the point where it gives him a great advantage(I'm talking 230+ lbs) with the same agility and speed of a smaller man.

    Keith Hackney and Yarbarough had been training for the same amount of time in different MA's. Yarabaroughs was Sumo Wrestling, an MA where size is a massive factor. 6'8" 600lbs Yarbarough was pummeled by the 5'10" 180lbs Hackney? Why? The bigger guy had just as much skill in his respective MA. I remember earlier some...some mislead individuals claimed that if Yarbaraough was as fast as Hackney he'd annihalate him. Sorry guys...thats absurd it aint gonna happen.
  17. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :bang:

    Quit with the extremes!

    And whats with the smaller guy might be crazier, what in the blue hell does that prove? Then the smaller guy wins, the bigger guy might be crazier, and then he'll win! Both crazy, then who wins???? ;)

  18. Ikken Hisatsu

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    actually bob sapp is more than capable of kicking over waist height. in fact he can kick his own head height, which is about 6'5. for someone of his size thats not half bad. and yeah whats with giving extreme examples? so what if emmanuel was a good sumo wrestler, history has shown us that sumo really does not translate well to MMA. in fact i could give a ton of examples of smaller guys who were beaten by bigger guys simply because they were big. unless you actually think a couple of months boxing training made choi a better fighter than former rajdamern stadium champ kaoklai, or that a few years of NFL made Bob Sapp a better kickboxer than hoost.
  19. Garibaldi

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    This is just going round in circles...

    I've just done a search, Bob Sapp was done on pages 5, 11 & 17 and yet it still goes on. I can't be bothered to search any of the other arguements that have been done 4 or 5 times.

    Either no one is listening to anyone else or I think we all need to agree to disagree on this one and like a dog fruitlessly chasing its own tail, there's two ways you can stop it...distract it...or have it put down.

    This thread needs putting down.
  20. pgm316

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    We don't have to agree on it. I've found it interesting listening to other peoples opinions. Very interesting :)

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