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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by mai tai, Sep 28, 2005.

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    is this thing still alive? and it apparently spawned another thread?

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    Oh no, it's breeding... :eek:
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    Sweet Jesus!
    Not the size of his shoulders. Incredible physique! :eek:
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    Here is a killer shot of Serena Williams the tennis player...
    take a look at that powerful body... KAPOW!!!!!!!!

    Size does matter! :D

    99% of the men on this site wish they had a body that powerful! :D

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    Man, she would pwn 99 % of the men on this site... and still look good doing it !!! :eek:

    Did you ever look at her shoulders ??? Damn...
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    Yeah she's powerful and then some!
    Most men would simply feel to intimidated! :D
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    I am for sure... :eek:


    Whos afraid of the big black manly thighs?


    Um last time I checked one of purposes of IMA was to make you a better fighter. Please don't insult the IMAists, in certain MA's size really isn't a factor. Aikido, Tai Chi, and many other softer arts that I don't feel like mentioning. Is it my place to say that one art produces better fighters than another? No, and it definitely isn't yours. Who can say a small Aikido guy can't take out a big boxer/wrestler. At this point I'm going to say, I don't know and I don't have the right to bash other peoples arts. If you want to post another style vs style thread go ahead, Bai Kai guy will use that stupid checklist thing. My final verdict on this size matters thing is size matters as long as you truly beleive it does(most people do).

    Fighting is as much mental as it is physical, if you can psyche out your opponent you've won most of the battle. A larger person can USUALLY psyche someone out without even saying a word. However every small guy who's beaten a big guy has put aside his fear and fought well. In my personal experience I've seen many fighters who have trained in the same art for the same amount of time get ripped apart by the smaller fighter.

    There is a 6'2" 304lbs man I know who gets rocked by a 5'6" 145lbs man consistantly. And the big man has been at it longer than the small guy. They train in the same style, and there is no way that the big guy can meet his requirements.
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    Yeah, but not in the way YOU'RE thinking of hehehehe.
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    There will always be exceptions to any rule, but to say that being stonger, having more mass or a longer reach is not an advantage is just plain short sighted.

    So your not going to insult arts, but then you insult mine. I'm the first to admit that as a whole tkd gets a bad rep. However I really like it and thats a personal choice that I make and is not based on its effectiveness but on how much I like it. That doesn't mean that I can't train effectively, cross train and take things from other arts to improve my skill set.

    I also recognise the need to pressure test, and if you can spar to test your skills. In sparring you are at a definate disadvantage if you face someone how is considerably bigger than you, so why would that be different in a real fight.


    Why this thread ****es me off

    I like Taekwando, in fact I think it has versatile and powerful kicks. In sparring I USED to get scared when I faced the bigger opponent, now that I am aquainted with everyone at my studio...size is the last thing on my mind. That being said I think I found out why this thread ****es me off so much.

    According to this logic, the best fighter in the world probably stands anyhwere from 6'3"-6'6". He is built like a tank probably weighs 250-350lbs, and he practices MMA(if its a she I don't think she has a boyfriend). He/she of course is extremely skilled and athletic.

    That hasty generalization is simply...well just to boring. And frankly I don't buy it. Life is full of surprises and I dont know. I've read many anecdotes of Morhei Ueshiba heaving massive behemoths like they were toys. I don't know if I buy into that either. And no, no one ever said that this person in question was the best fighter alive. However by the logic that if people are of equal skill, than size is the determining factor...well than he must be one big skilled SOW.

    And my final message to mai tai is that if your buddy who is 6'6 320 was a car he'd be a Hummer, or a tank...not a Ferrari.
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    No its not short sighted! Its a factor...that does not necessarily mean its an advantage. That's two different things.

    Hope you understand what I mean by that.
  15. pgm316

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    It might not be an advantage, however it USUALLY is.
  16. Garibaldi

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    No. That doesn't follow necessarily. Advantages can be negated. A factor is only an advantage if you can turn it into such...

    To say "usually" is non-descriptive and non-quantifiable in this example. "Usually" compared to what norm or standard?
  17. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Its not complicated stuff? "Usually" means greater than 50% chance.

    You say advantages can be negated, make up your mind! First its NOT an advantage but now its an advantage that can be negated!? :D

    What if I was a 100ft tall green giant, all I'd have to do would be stand on you, negate that! :D
  18. Garibaldi

    Garibaldi Valued Member

    But what are you basing "usually" on? What are you classifying as normal?

    No, I said "Its a factor...that does not necessarily mean its an advantage. That's two different things." A factor CAN be an advantage, and that advantage can be negated.

    Reach is a factor, but its not an advantage if you have your opponent fighting inside your range, or if you are on your back! Your factor is not being used as an advantage because it has been negated.

    Strength is a factor, but its not an advantage if some little scroat smashes you in the face with a glass before you got a chance to use your strength etc etc

    Does that make it a little clearer?

    As I've said 100 times, there are too many factors to decide which would be such a clear advantage in the real world.
  19. pgm316

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    Usually - ie Usually the bigger person will win :D

    Not classifying anything as normal due to the fact that everyone is different...

    If its not an advantage then bringing that into the argument was totally irrelevant.

    If you have to move inside someones range to become effective then you're at a disadvantage!

    Wonderfull, so strength is negated by glassing them :D


    The reason you've said it so many times is because your views are in the minority and this debate is getting utterly pointless. I'd bet a few English pounds that you've not had to pressure test your skills much on teh str33t?
  20. Moosey

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    I would simply say that size is usually an advantage and the bigger the size difference, the bigger the advantage. I would say there's a margin of a few inches and a few pounds which don't make much difference, but above that you need to be legging it or reaching for a weapon.

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