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    Even the original poster haven't said this directly, but it is close to what he is trying to say.



    Sorry buddy, there is no way that increasing size will increase speed. Sorry just no, no way, there is absolutely NO way that getting bigger will make you faster.


    Hmm let me tell you this, if two no skill drunk idiots go at it. It's usually the crazy guy. The guy who has lost it, the guy with the temper. I would much rather go up against a sane 6'5" 250lbs guy than an insane 5'6" 150lbs guy. However I suppose there are big crazy people too. But a scratch is a scratch and a bite is a bite. I say street fighting has a lot to do with mental intimidation. When you fight in a ring or in a dojo, you get nervous. But you know you'll PROBABLY walk away. Whenever I've been confronted with danger on the street, even if I try my absolute hardest to maintain composure my heart beats extremely fast. I get very nervous and try to avoid the fight at all costs. Go ask any policeman, a pshycotic person is the most likely to win and the person you should truly be weary of.

    Now lets create a new scenario. Idiot A is a basketball/baseball player, he works out daily, but he's never been in a fight he's 5ft11 190lbs guy. Idiot B, is a drunk, he hasnt touched a weight in his life. He stands 6 ft 2" weighs 230lbs but his body fat percentage is higher than his IQ. This guy only fights to get his pants on in the morning. They throw down, who will win? My money will be on the smaller jock.
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    That'll be a funny, sloppy fight. It would be interesting!!!
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    Well, then it comes down to the quality of the muscle.

    However, what if we have two guys who have same quality of muscle, and one guy is simply bigger? You need to compare obesse to obesse; athlet to athlet.

    Further more, say we have two guys who are equally fit, one is a giant and one is short, but the cells that made up their bodies would still be the same size, right? It is just that the giant has more cells.
  6. Taliar

    Taliar Train harder!

    Do you know anything about training. :bang: :bang: :bang:

    Proper strength training and muscle development makes you faster. Go ask Linford Christie. Cos all that muscle made him so slow.
  7. Taliar

    Taliar Train harder!

    Well I once saw a little blonde woman called Eowyn beat a big guy called the Witch Lord of Angmar. THis obviously proves that the only way to win a fight is bleach your hair and be female.

    Join the real world. Might also help if you looked up such terms as generally, statistically as opposed to specifically.
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    It isn't that significant, I mean, a full force punch in the stomach from someone 2st heavier ought to hurt you severely but it doesn't. Oh yeah...hold one is going to listen to me, I'm 5'7 and 126lbs so I will immediately be stereotyped as a little person with an issue.

    I once had to wrestle someone about 5'10 at karate and I won :eek: I'm not sure that was my ability though, he just got himself in a stupid position.

    As for all the stuff about 'little people say that' and 'that's the way it is' - Go kill yourselves. If someone bigger kicks/punches me and it doesn't hurt, I'm not going to drop to the floor moaning piteously because 'that's how it is.'

    And anyway, you're not going to stand there while some 6ft hulk attacks you and think 'sure what am I going to do, there's no way I can win'.
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    thanks for re iterating what we went over about a million times.

    is it just me or does the majority of people in this thread have reading difficulties?

    who said this exactly? I know I didnt and im pretty sure no one else EXCEPT people who are arguing against it have! you are making things up then arguing about them.

    I mean I dont know how I could state my opinion any simpler, I really dont. it hurts my brain reading these posts which are just knee jerk reactions to the original post. you realise there are 17 pages of discussion here? this thread has gone around so many times it makes revolving doors jealous. well its quite obvious that for some people on here comprehension is a tough one. have fun on the roundabout
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    actually this is page 22, and yes you are correct, its pretty sad.
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    Originally Posted by Slindsay
    What makes your arm move?

    Answer: Muscles.

    What do you need more of to make your arm move faster?

    Answer: Muscle mass.

    What happens when you get more muscle mass?

    Answer: You hit faster and you get bigger.


    So, by this absolute Gem of physics, how come Arnold Scwarzwhatever has never contended for the 100m?? he'd have been a blur...surely!. PS, the bigger your muscle mas becomes, the slower your muscle retraction. You just happen to have move weight per sq inch than someone with less muscle mass. Any half trained martial artist (especially Thai Boxers) will tell you it's how you distribute your weight to the point required. The strongest punch comes from the waist, not a 50" bicep!

    I think everyone has a valid opinion, e=mc2 people...
  12. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    always always with the extremes. sure arnold never ran in the hundred meter. he was a bodyboulder.

    however do olimpic runners look like string beans no. they are generally very they lift weights yes.....and no decent sports program recomends against lifting.

    btw olimpic lifter tend to have the highest veritical leap. (a great indicator of power)

    and are very fast.

    personally as i have gotten stronger i can run faster jump higher and hit harder. i am 34 and can run the hundred in 11 seconds and can still dunk a basketball ( im only 5 10). so i doubt that my muscle is weighing me down.

    what is funny is no one will take into account of the abouve three point. they will just bring up ronny coleman.

    muscles slowed you down why in the world would every sport recomend there use.


    THANK YOU! thats the point I'm trying to prove! You get to big and you get to a point where its damn near impossible to move. Guys on these threads will tell that that being bigger makes you faster.

    That simply isnt the case, most professional boxers don't even touch weights! Go read any boxers training records, Muhammad Ali did not train with weights! If you guys want the book page and quote give me more time, I'll get it. Roy Jones lost a hell of alot of agility and speed when he moved up in weight.
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    I'm 16 years old about 5'6 155lbs and I understand that size does matter.

    I don't want to have to worry about a guy one day that's maybe 6'5. I want to be able to protect my family(when I have one) no matter how big the person is. I hope I can do that, as I'm pretty short. Xing Yi will be my MA of choice, by the way.

  15. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    ali is a fighter from the 60. alot has changed since then.

    todays fighters do train with weights.

    being big does not make you faster. strenght to weight ratio makes you faster. what you want to do is to find your ideal strengh to weight ratio.

    for eample once apon a time i was 160 lbs i have since increased to 170lbs

    at on 160 my lifts were bench 200 squat 300. over time i have increased my muscle, trained my neurologic system and lowered my bodyfat. i find that for my frame i top out at 170 bench 315 sqaut 500.

    i can get stronger if i get heavyer. i was up to 195 benching 340 and sqauating 550 but found that i was not as agile or as fast. (and they guys started to get too tall in that weight a short guy...5 10)

    so i backed down.

    if i had a different frame it would be a different story.

    a few points

    1. power lifts are not the best way to measure functional strenght. but they are a measure everyone in familiar with.

    2. its not just weights but

    kettlebells, medicine balls, bands,chains tires and wheel barrles and plyos and sprints.

    3. dont know why im wasting my time cause no one is even reading this.

    the runophiles
    will just come back and say. an olympic strinter is smaller than an offensive linemen so. the smaller you are the faster you are.

    please answer me THIS. if muscle slows you down why do ALL sprinters train with weights.
  16. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    dude it can be done. like i said in my original post i beat the big guy alot.

    however know it is a factor.

    we can only play the hand god gave us so...

    1. train hard
    2. get used to fighting big guys. for that matter get used to all sizes. all the sizes can be confusing if you are not used to it.
    3. get as strong and as fast as you can.

    4. if you are really worried about defense get a gun.
  17. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    oh yeah and take muay tai and bjj
  18. Boogz

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    Alright, thanks man for raising my spirits.




    Youre only 16 I was 5'6" 120lbs at 16...needless to say the puberty bus came a little late for Just wait it out you'll grow. Take whatever MA you feel most comfortable with. People seem to think Muay Thai and BJJ are the most efficient, however what if your faced with an armed foe? If you want a street efficient MA, even though I'm not a practitioner of it. Krav Maga. Again everyone is different, so take whatever MA you feel most comfortable with. There is no right or wrong answer.


    Thank you for the post, its probably one of the best you've ever written. That's my point, find balance. Like old Mr Myagi said...When you bulked up, you lost speed. When you were slim you lost explosiveness. Polymetrics, weights, and a hell of a lot of conditioning are what you probably need for MA. Sprinters to train with weight, but they certainly arent bodybuilders.

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