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Discussion in 'Suggestions, Problems and Tests' started by G50, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. G50

    G50 Night Owl

    It seems like today the MAP site is really moving very slowly. Is there a problem with the site or is it just my computer?

    (takes an hour just to write one message)
  2. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Yeah, I noticed it too.. kind of hard not too.. I've also seen a few double posts.. i.e. I think someone edited a post, but it got posted as a new post.. so yeah weirds stuff..
  3. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    For some reason the site is DOG SLOW at the moment.... it took about 10 minutes just to get this to post. :cry:

    Human sacrifices are in order if it doesn't get sorted soon.

    *Slip eyes his blunt obsidian axe head and....
  4. Sojiro

    Sojiro New Member

    that would probably be continous 'new post' clicks coz of the lag

    ugly lag --.--
  5. Tatsumaru

    Tatsumaru Your new God!

    and i thought it was just my uni messing up their internet connection, spooky....
  6. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    Na nothing to do with me! Honest :D
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2005
  7. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Should be back to normal now ;) .. a bit of a server load

    ....we had quite a few guests accessing the site :D

    As mentioned in the past --
    MAP is growing !

    We're currently looking at ways to improve the situation without having to sell one of the Admin's first born

    Subtle Hint
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2005
  8. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    Not just slow - DNS problems, too.
  9. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    We're aware of the problems, and it does appear to be a DNS issue.

    Our hosts are looking into it - I ask that mapper's bear with us till we get this sorted :)
  10. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    Just a wild guess/suggestion but could you not have a couple of domains like and .org all accessing the same server/cluster or whatever your using if its a DNS problem, just a thought
  11. New Guy

    New Guy I am NEW.

    That may work but it cost $$$$ too you know?
  12. reikislapper

    reikislapper see you on the flypaper

    I couldn't even get in boo hoo lol, I've had to wait since 5pm to get back into here and I've been trying for ages. It's a good job I don't give in that easy lol
    lisa xx
  13. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    It was taking me about 10 minutes earlier to get an error message, so i left it and went shopping.
  14. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    That bad, huh? :D
  15. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter


    You mean the urge to be on MAP 24/7 or the slow site? :p
  16. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    Nar - having to go shopping because you cant get your MAP fix :p
  17. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    ain't that the worst!:D
  18. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    hey, how do you think those of us at work felt... we couldn't goof off!
  19. hux

    hux ya, whatever.

    gawd, that was awful. Please, get some redundancy going - I can't handle that downtime crap.


    These guys rawk, if you guys are looking at this avenue:
  20. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    That wouldn't solve the DNS issue. The domain is the DNS name, so having more of those pointing to the same server wouldn't help.

    Having a cluster server would cost a small fortune, and the data being mirrored across that would probably slow the site down some more.

    Sorry to everyone who had to either face reality, do some work or leave your home while MAP was down, but we're back now :D

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