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  1. nikos

    nikos Valued Member

    Hello all,

    I found great similarity between Silat and Wing Chun. Anyone agree with this?
    If yes, can it be historically supported?

  2. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Which style of silat did you compare it with? different styles can vary a lot.

    I did a little Wing Chun many many years ago, and it was nothing like the silat I practice now.

    There are, however, more upright silat styles which may resemble wing chun a lot more. Do you know which system it was?
  3. nikos

    nikos Valued Member

    I think it was of Rudy TerLinden.
  4. RAMANA1

    RAMANA1 New Member

    wing chun connection?probably not.cutting center,retreiving center line,shifting center,some similaraties in some standup dutch indo,lot less in authentic indonesion expression........ :woo:
  5. Sgt_Major

    Sgt_Major Ex Global Mod Supporter

    My experience with WC was very short lived, and I found nearly no similarities....but since then I have doubted the authenticity of the WC I was shown
  6. pete_e

    pete_e New Member

    I think it depends a lot on the style of Silat you practise. I've never trained Wing Chun, but I'm told that the style of Silat I practise - Silat Lian Padukan - has Wing Chun influences. A friend, who trains Wing Chun also agreed when she saw some of it.
  7. nikos

    nikos Valued Member

    I've been training in wing chun for many years and what I saw from Rudy TerLinden could have fooled me if they were not dressed the way silat people do. :)

    Don't know much about silat and its different branches, but I'm going to look into it. It's very interesting. I think if one trains in one can easily train the other.

    I'll post the same question in wing chun section and see what we get from there.

    Thank you all for your time & answers,

  8. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Nikos, where are you based?
  9. nikos

    nikos Valued Member

    Athens, Greece. Y?
  10. jameskorst

    jameskorst New Member



    yup, im quite agree actually.. ive currently practicing Silat Tumbukan Hadiah spring 12 from sarawak.. the lineage is end to Keraton of sambas, where their prince practice this silat, as this silat is fast n easy 2 learn.. our grandmaster only learn this tumbukan in 7 days.. errmmm, mayb its part of pukulan 7 hari.. :p the similarities? i dont know anything bout wing chun actually, just a Tai Chi practitioner(and learning this silat too) that doing research on chinese martial arts claimed its movement, agressiveness n speed similar to wing chun.. hope i can found other spring 12 practitioner here..
  11. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Just wondering. We are based in North-West London, and there is a large Greek community nearby. I though you might be a local.
  12. Tuankaki

    Tuankaki Valued Member

    I have not seen many similarities. But some folks believe that they can be very complementary arts. Joe Simonet is one that comes to mind, whatever folks may think of his depth in either art....
  13. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    "Whatever folks may think" indeed. I tried very, very hard to review his Serak "Finding the Fight" tapes for JAMA. The best I could come up with, after about 18 hours of viewing and re-viewing was that they were abysmally bad. My Wing Chun is rudimentary at best, so I can't comment on that part of his program.
  14. Tuankaki

    Tuankaki Valued Member

    I seem to remember that a lot of the WC guys had similar reactions to his Slam Set tape. Then in a recent IKF article when asked to cite the source of his rank in WC, he essentially claimed that he promoted himself, and would fight anybody who wanted to challenge it. Evidently, what he lacks in depth, he makes up for in charm and humility.

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