Silat's empty hand techniques.

Discussion in 'Silat' started by NinjaSkillz, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. NinjaSkillz

    NinjaSkillz New Member

    How are they compared to pure striking arts such as Muay Thai and Boxing?
  2. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    compared in what way?
  3. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    compared i what way?
  4. taoizt

    taoizt Valued Member

    Oeff that's a tough question. 'Silat' is a name for 500+ styles ranging from groundfighting systems, pukulan based, pure locking or a mix of various aspects.

    Muay Thai, as known in the west is pretty much one style, based on a mix of thaiboxing, some aspects of western boxing and karate in it. In thailand there are several variations of Muay Thai though.

    So it's a comparison between: how does a Honda Acura 3.5 compare to a Ford?
    What model? What's the size of the engine? etc.
  5. taoizt

    taoizt Valued Member

    My style (Bukti Negara) is a pukulan based art so it has the same focus on striking as arts like Muay Thai or Boxing (although is even more focussed on just one area of hitting, no kicking)
  6. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    I'm going to echo taoizt's sentiment on the generic nature of the term "Silat". The type that I practice has some similarity with FMA in the sense that a lot of the empty hand strikes are delivered like a strike with a blade.
  7. hantu satu

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    Just hit hit hit.
    every three fingers width is a point, so just tenderize.
    yes lay down 3 fingers width off any joint and on and on
    just keep hitting and have fun for the love of god

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