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    Misconception about Silat , make the art lead nowhere

    I am sorry this my post might of the topic on what you are expect. But this insight might helps to choose better.;)


    Silat are been popular as Sport due recently promote by Silat federation of Malaysia & Indonesia to become sport international. Help our countries the youth to trace their history in fighting skill. thanks All countries in the world are participated in the Silat sport International.

    But today Silat Sport are mold to similar rule as in Karate and teckwando competition. Similar apply to those people want to apply Silat in MMA. so what do you expect Silat to give more?

    If you take Silat to apply all rules in competition, you will end up - the silat as Fitness and endurance activities just like other martial arts do.

    Today we are baffled with words of silat division. There are 1000 silat divisions or sects. But The word SILAT is never been discussed formally. By Misconception about Silat , make the art lead nowhere

    I will later describe what is the mean by the world SILAT in my other post.

    By the way I would like to leave your mind boggle about ancient days who rule the NUSANTARA islands where the ancient sea merchants trade between Arabs and China.


    It is Pirate rule the world in the ancient.

    Silat is origin from Pirate fighting skill.!!:hat:
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    I'm all for pirate skills! what do you think about the idea that Silat originally came from Alexander the Great's bodyguards?

    I am sure this is something we will never know for sure, and is lost to antiquity, etc.
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    From Alexander the Greats bodyguards? Sounds like a farfetched fantasy.
    And actually also quite useless.
    Most martial arts were not developed in an isolated bubble.They were influenced by whoever came along, be it indian, chinese, japanese, western etc.
    Perhaps one bodyguard di

    Only if you have a solid lineage tree in your own specific style of silat it might be usefull
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    dont assume easily that silat is from pirate.
    coz i'm also from Malaysia.
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    survival skill IN THE ERA OF CLASH OF PIRATES.

    Dear fellow my countryman.

    I am not arguing with you or anybody. My assumption is based my own experience. It comes from my family background. This is my story:-

    Long before the history written, people are freeman. No taxes. Their lands are bounder less. Everybody is independent. Our Regions are surrounding with river and sea. All people life relies on sea and river as fish men besides planting at paddy field.

    There were times when people come from the sea evade the native land and rob people freedom. Most native people called them pirates. They took all things that native people possessed.

    There are two type of pirates:-
    1) The cruel & evil one will take early everything such as money, children and wife.
    2) The smart pirate will took their future life by means rule & divide, and impose taxes. This phenomena change those natives lands become feudal territory land and the wise pirate elected himself as headman, governor or king. All people life will rely on charity because they are hopeless. Their life becomes servant. Their lands are being ruled by their master. What they did not do not know that the charity actually comes from taxes.

    "Pirate" term is from the eyes beholder of native people. All lands in the peninsular Malaya are free before history written. There are people came from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Thailand, British and Dutch trying to reclaim their extended bounder to control and to collect taxes. So they will become richer state. Native People are retaliating against them; so the colonial call native people as rebel or traitor or assume them back as pirate instead.

    So 'the clash Pirate against another pirate'' become foundation as martial arts 'silat' progress in the history of our regions.

    The skill that fighting in small space like small boat as we call sampan. Jumping in the ship, diving deep more 1 hour, swimming into burning sea, mastering fighting with various blade are part skills have to master in order to become survival skill IN THE ERA OF CLASH OF PIRATES.

    All retire pirate that escape or return home. They teach their skill secretly from grandfather to grandchild and up today.

    To prove what I have claim, i have a chance to be along with people who birth in 1890 comes to Malaysia from Sumatra before the Dutch try to control Sumatra Indonesia. My grandfather stands before me as reclaim my word. My grandfather is headman of village in Sumatra (Kampar near Pekan Baru Indonesia) when Dutch came to rule them. People use to call my Grandfather as Merajo mean 'Dato Maharaja' or supreme headman. As he is headman, he should have same skill Silat from another headman in another village. Their fights between villages are brutal and they have capabilities with war of between groups of jinn.

    People who are birth after the war II 1945, they are knew a little of real history. Only they know the Silat has become sport art in the public school. Actual Silat is a survival tool to live against the pirate in the ancient time.

    My grandfather is against the Dutch colonial tax on his people. The Dutch called my grandfather a PIRATE.

    He escaped and came to Malaysia in 1933 and I born later years.
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    Here's a recently released full feature documentary presented by Alex Kozma, named 'Satria Warriors' with Steven Benitez

    [ame=""]The legacy of the SATRIA WARRIORS (trailer) - YouTube[/ame]

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