Silat Mubai: Traditional Muslim Fighting Art

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    So there we have it ....
    Silat is as Islamic as it is canadian
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    In the beginning was the beat which is the rhythm of God the heartbeat of humanity

    Holy prophet sws said,"when moses (as) passed away his community split into 73 different sects and only one of these was righteous and those were the muslims among them, then when jesus (as) passed away his community split into 73 different sects and only one of them was righteous and those were the muslims among them, when I pass away my community will split into 73 different sects and only one of them will be righteous and those will be the muslims (those surrendered to the will of God) among them.... this means surrender to divine authority precedes the terms of jew, or hebrew, or christian, or muslim .... also means the origins of all wisdom in the fighting arts or otherwise is from one sourcing... the Almighty All Knowing source of goodness within humanity. Jesus (as)said in the book of Luke,"Why callest thou me good, there is only one good that one is God.".... the Old Testament book speaks of David (as) the prophet/king he danced before God in parades to show his thanksgiving and worshipful gratefulness to Him for the victories he was granted over his enemies...this dance... was according to the scriptures... where"The angels came down and inspired him in his dance."... this is the true sourcing for all silat... which is at its essence a dance... just as many tribal forms of ancient tradition are.... the inspiration from a higher power connecting to the practitioners' heart is the key common aspect... between them... all combat is won in the heart... since God Almighty is the only Master.... then all those who call themselves that... are only his students at best... "you will know them by their fruits.."... the most enlightened among teachers in art.... is the one who has impeccable manners and who's ministry is sanctified with the credential from God Almighty no other marks or accollades matter.... if he is not with you all is lost... as there is no defense without God Almighty... hinduism animism sufism...or any other isms... are simply branches grafted into the human spiritual experience...but this essential connection is One in the hearts of humanity to the divine sourcing for all of us.... There is only one truth which is above all faiths all cultures and creeds... that truth is eternal changeless and absolute... God Most Gracious is the Truth....

    The Rhythm of God is Harmony and where there is harmony there is peace... as a gendang warrior (drum) I share with you truth to speak to the suspicion and doubts of those who have themselves no knowledge that they may learn the glory and power of the Almighty Ominpresent within all of us artists... who are only his artistry... whether we know it or not... Silat came from the holy lands to India... where daruma came from bringing kung fu to the shaolin temple... silat stances resemble vishnus.. dance.... I know I have been teaching for 25 years.... alhumdulilah a path old as time it seems... there is nothing new under the sun...
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    Silat Mubai no longer exists, anyway: its name was changed to Silat Sharaf. so, now the style is even more unknown.
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    It's still made up no matter what you call it
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    because the name and the link are no longer active, will MAP delete the article?
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    nasigoreng, your username is making me crave fried rice and ayam!
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    i this this article is put in the wrong category, as a practitioner and instructor of silat , i know that silat mubai is a mix martial art ,
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    i think we should just delete this.
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    It is beleived that the base origin of Silat was brought from India with te Sri Visayan Empire which was a Hindu Empire, and with this it spread across the region of what is now Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, Silat and FMA are cousin's, but it is certainly not a Muslim art although many countries that practice it are now Islamic nations.

    Many of the anamistic practices that came with Silat before the Islamic popularity in the region have been taken out of many of the Silat systems, but a few remnants still remain, and of course your can see these more clearly in the Systems practiced in places such as Bali.

    Silat is actually a very generic term much in the same way as Karate, Kung Fu or even Kali, Eskrima, Arnis.

    Martial arts that now have a religious base where only given them in later years but their teachers who placed their own beleif system into what they taught, first and formost all martial arts systems have originally nothing to do with religion, they are fighting systems develped in a region out of nessessity to either defend or attack their neighbours.

    Religion is something that is placed upon it by individuals, many place their own beleif system withing their fighting art, but a few dont and teach it purely as a fighting system. Religion in any martial art is actually an individual thing.

    Saying Silat is a Muslim fighting art is like saying FMA is a Catholic Fighting Art. Yes the majority of practioners may practice that faith but it is not actually anything to do with the fighting skills of the practitioners.
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    :hat: Nice article on was very informative...are you from Malaysia?
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    Salaam (Greetings) to all masters,

    Just curious.

    Have you all ever heard the word CAKALELE (Bahasa) it has similarity with TAJAKALILI (Filipino).

    Can you all see the similarity CAKALELE with ARNIS-ESKRIMA-KALI?

    Salaam (Greetings)

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