Silat/Kuntao in Bay Area, Cali.

Discussion in 'Silat' started by GhostStylez, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. GhostStylez

    GhostStylez New Member

    I was wondering if any of you know of any Pentjak Silat/Kuntao schools in the Bay Area, Cali. I will be moving there in the near future and wish to continue my training. Any information about this would me greatly appreciated. If anybody would like you can also reach me at Thanks for your time.
  2. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Try Bernard Langan. He's a closed door student of Sunny Umpad, has trained privately with Hadji Yasheer Tanadjalan, and is a Lineage holder under Pak Victor Detours. If your into chinese martial arts he's also considered one of the top Bagua players in the country. If you every want someone to beat you up with out moving you should have Bernie demonstrate Taiji :) . Joking aside I've trained with Antonio Ilustrisimo, Luo de Xui, Hadji Tanadjalan, and Bernie has probably has the most refined sense of the human body in any human being I've met.
    Here's his website.
  3. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    *Note*! I'm not saying Bernard Langan is better Martialy than any of the above individuals(Contrary! They'd probably beat the stuffing out of him!). I'm saying his knowledge of the human body in relationship to how sublte movements can effect another human being is brilliant and his ability to convey that is clearer than any other human being I've met. Dancer, healer or otherwise. Some one else might apply it better(Willem Detours, Wang Hao Da, Tatang Ilustrisimo, ect), but you'd go to him to teach you how to do it.
  4. studionaga

    studionaga New Member

    East Bay Indo-American Martial Arts

    We train in the Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen tradition -- Cun Tao and animal forms, weapons, ground-fighting, free-fighting and forms. We're right outside of Emeryville, in North Oakland. We train kids and adults. Feel free to call with any questions.

    Studio Naga
    5850 San Pablo Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94608

    (510) 652-6242
  5. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    Well GhostStylez, it looks like you have a couple of excellent choices.

    Also, welcome Studio Naga. It's a pleasure to see someone post here who
    is from the tradion of Guru Willie Wetzel. Hopefully, we'll see you here again. :)

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