Silat is it effective?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by MartialKid, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. MartialKid

    MartialKid Valued Member

    Title says it all really. If you could tell me how silat helped you in a situation and what a normal day at your silat club would be ( what sort of stuff do you learn etc. ) and an overall overview of the MA. It would be greatly appreciated :cool:
  2. Taffyleigh

    Taffyleigh Valued Member

    I've done a little training in Silat knife fighting, very effective stuff, i would think that all Silat would be the same sort of standard. The guy i train with is Maul Mornie (silat suffian bela diri) you can check him out on youtube under the title maul565 or silat suffian bela diri.
  3. MartialKid

    MartialKid Valued Member

    Thanks Taffy
  4. Taffyleigh

    Taffyleigh Valued Member

    If you are interested maul is doing a course for us on November 1st 2pm - 6pm in South Wales, depends if you are willing to travel that far although we have guys who travel from London and Ireland to train with him. It would be alright if you had a few mates to travel down with and share the petrol costs. If you are interested it is being held at Risca leisure centre, Risca near Newport. There are details on our website - or you can contact my instructor Alun at
    Sadly i won't be training at this course as i am out of action due to a fractured rib or damaged spleen (whichever it is, the doctors can't make up their minds), but it is well worth the effort if you can make it.

  5. MartialKid

    MartialKid Valued Member

    Is there an age to silat and kali? because im only 14
  6. Taffyleigh

    Taffyleigh Valued Member

    With the knife fighting he only teaches over 16's, not sure about his regular classes. Never mind you'll be able to train with him in 2 years if you can get down to Wales. He is living in Cardiff but spends alot of time travelling the world teaching, but does a course for us every month or two.
  7. MartialKid

    MartialKid Valued Member

    how about normal silat and kali stickfighting is there an age to that?
  8. Taffyleigh

    Taffyleigh Valued Member

    I wouldn't know as i only train in the knife fighting classes with him but i would have thought there are Silat classes out there that teach Juniors, no different to any other style of MA.
  9. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    Hi Martial Kid,

    I think many silat teachers may not want to teach the blade aspect of silat to teenagers. After all, we teach to gut and maim people! (This is necessary to understand the dynamics of the blade for defence).

    However, silat also has striking, locking, grappling, groundfighting etc. etc. I'm sure there would be no problem teaching these techniques at your age. You could progress to the more 'controversial' stuff later.

    If it's stickfighting you want, it may be best to post on the FMA forum. Some silat has stickfighting, some doesn't but almost all FMA has it. We both do knives well though:)

    Also, silat is relatively hard to come by in the UK. Which area are you based in?
  10. Red1Storm

    Red1Storm New Member

    Silat is, in my opinion one of the most effective fighting styles today. Silat teaches to wast no movement which is one of the best principals. This becomes very apperant when the knife comes into play.

    As for what your age delema I have to dissagree with the privious posts. I am 15 and my guru dicided to teach me. But I think that it really has to do with the personallity of the person who will teach you. If he is open minded I would say that you have a good chance of getting excepted as long as you show him/her that you are smart and responsible enough to learn Silat. Just as a hint be very respectful of the guru.
  11. crosstrainer

    crosstrainer Valued Member

    Forgive me for jumping in on this thread; does anybody know of a Silat teacher in the Birmingham/West Midlands area?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Yes pm me and ill pass on his e mail.:)
  13. crosstrainer

    crosstrainer Valued Member

    Unfortunately I don't think I have enough posts to use the pm function:confused:
  14. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Ok i will pm you with it soon ok bro:)
  15. crosstrainer

    crosstrainer Valued Member

  16. Lord Bathmat

    Lord Bathmat Valued Member


    <<Silat is, in my opinion one of the most effective fighting styles today. Silat teaches to wast no movement which is one of the best principals. This becomes very apperant when the knife comes into play.>>

    IMHO the effectiveness of silat will depend on where you are fighting. If you are fighting in the jungle or in boggy soil then i believe it is effective but if you are fighting in towns and cities where the ground is concrete etc then i don't think it is an effective fighting style. This because the style is was developed to be used in the jungle and in boggy soil.

    Low stances are extremely difficut to perform for the average man on concrete and other hard surfaces.

  17. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    In my experience most Silat systems have some great principles behind them. And yes it makes more sense with a knife in your hand.

    Most Silat systems have some great technical sequences which look awesome and really cool. Some of these systems have some excellent ways of disrupting balance, destroying limbs etc using principles such as Shearing, Pincering, Whiplash and Rotation etc.

    Unfortunately most Silat suffers from the problem that systems such as Japanese Ju Jitsu etc have.

    In that they have no way of testing this stuff against some kind of meaningful resistance. So all that 'stuff' remains for most Silat practitioners, theoretical.

    Said meaningful resistance could be the oft-toted pressure testing of some kind or even some kind of contact, some kind of sparring that didn't turn into a form of 'kickboxing'.

    Something that involves using these principles and techniques against someone fighting back.

    Therefore most Silat will fall apart under 'real' conditions, unless you are experienced in training in ways that allow you to test out Silat methods.

    I use a lot of Silat techniques during my MMA sparring, but it's only because I have the experience of training against some kind of resistance (through years of boxing, Muay Thai, a bit of BJJ, MMA etc) that I can see what works and what doesn't and intuitively realise where to use these principles which I picked up from Silat etc.

    Ideally in order to make Silat work beyond Jurus and techniques, you've got to find a way of training that allows you to put these into practice beyond just doing techniques against each other in the training hall.

    If you find something like that, then yes, the principles etc of Silat are truly excellent, be that anything from Harimau to Gayong 5 to Cimande and everything in between.
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  18. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    Silat is now very varied, some styles are like tkd and sport orientated,
    some are effective some not,
    some are like religious/philosophical groups full of superstition and fairy tales,
    if you can find the real and original Silat though then you might find something very practical and useful.
  19. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Silat like all arts is effective if trained properly, and not all silat styles have low stances. I trained Silat for many years with some instructors who could rip you apart and not just in practice, these guys used it for real too so not all Silat instructors work on theory.

    I went to Malaysia back in 1989 to train in Silat and the old guy I trained with did not use low stances, he was upright and very effective, I also trained with top class Silat Masters over here in Europe and they could do both upright and low stance style Silat and make it work.

    So yes it is very effective if you train with the right people.

    I personally found it a great art to train in for many years although my first passion has always been the FMA so I eventually spent more and more time training that and less and less in Silat, but I will never forget the valued information it has given me.

    Best regards

  20. Lord Bathmat

    Lord Bathmat Valued Member

    Pat Omally,

    <<I trained Silat for many years with some instructors who could rip you apart and not just in practice, these guys used it for real too so not all Silat instructors work on theory.>>

    I would have to disagree. I have heard so many stories about so called masters killing hundreds of people that I don't believe them.

    For me to accept that Silat is effective I will need to see it in the Cage.

    Over the last few years I have began to realise that the western arts boxing, westling, BJJ are far more effective than the eastern arts.

    Don't get me wrong there is probably a few silat masters that are extremely good but there are also a few Wu Shu masters that are extremely good, but for the average individual i don't they will work on the street.


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