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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Bodhisattva123, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Bodhisattva123

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    There is a legitimate, direct lineage, pukulan Pentak Silat study group in NYC. Our teachers had been studying with Pendekar Paul de thouars for a more than 25 years before his passing. We are no ego, no politics, serious training minded folks...and very friendly... : ). Please email for more info. Please note, dabblers seeking entertainment will be shown the door. Welcome to MAP. But please note that advertising is against the Terms of Service to which you JUST agreed. Thanks.

    ..."use your other hand and Burn them with your lighter!" answer to the question of what to do if enemy has a perfect lock on one arm.
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  2. taoizt

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    I guess you are talking about Bukti Negara. I'm doing that as well, but probably I'm from a rivalling group ;-) Anyway that's not what i want to start about, just wanted to say hi :)
  3. Bodhisattva123

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    Bukti Negara...well...not really...but anyway... it really doesn't matter what you call any art... right? You either practice hard and achieve your inner goals or you focus on external goals. Our job as students, I think, is to try honor our teachers and the art, by trying to be wiser, more compassionate and elevating the art. Competing against no one except ourselves. "The art is above all man" owned by none, carried by all, til the end of our days.

    "Rivalling group?" not really...its against my religion! : ) Thanks for saying hi. We are all brothers and sisters seeking happiness even if means licking the last drop of honey off a live blade.

    -"There is no spoon"
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    Please see my edits to your original post. Thanks.
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    I agree with you: 'the art is above all man'. Sadly too many men want to be the king who rules all others. There is still so much to learn in this art and noone has all the knowledge. People claim to be the most senior, the oldest, the best...etc... ah well nothing new under the sun.

    I mentioned 'rivalling group' more as a tongue-in-cheek remark, since there is still plenty of politics going on sadly.
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    yeah.. taoizt...I do appreciate your saying "hi", really I do.

    Where do you train and under who? Feel free to send me a direct email, I think my setup here allows you to do that.

    I really think in an era where the ultimate personal survival has to include: firearms, mace, electric type stun gun or whatever...I think study of hand to hand combat arts lineages (while they need to remain intact to pass on the heirloom) need to be shared or else they will die. We no longer live in societies where our lives are in constant danger...most of us it takes a certain type of individual to have the time, dedication, and mental apptitude to really master martial arts and not just regurgitate what we are given. A lot of kids today what to hang out, play video games, drink/party, get a high paying job and focus on money...martial arts...well for what? Right. I do appreciate your dedication to searching for truth and understanding, most folks just are pleased with this is a family show; please bear this in mind themselves/ego boost...arent' I great...psychologically a domineering attitude points to a weak ego and spiritual poverty in my humble opinion. I am in awe of the few practitioners despite 40 or more years of learning continue to strive and show enormous humbleness...that impresses me immensely...orang jawa...I have never met you but I am impressed by your online presense. Salaam.
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