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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by kungfucat, Jul 4, 2003.

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    I agree, ended. The PJ username has only cropped up in this one thread so I suspect that once we end this, the person responsible will find another one to hide behind, to make it seem like there are more people with his pov than there really are.

    You've answered my question about the test. I've said that Bing could use his power to worthy causes (even without the cape and spandex) but if he wants to let the poor little orphan children die just to save himself an afternoon, I can't do anything to stop him.

    What did you read in my profile - that my interests were the UN and "saving the world" - so you took that seriously? First of all, if an interest in current affairs makes you think I'm a tree hugging greenie then you have serious problems. Second, you have absolutely no idea who I am or what drives me (btw - the heaven dig was way off the mark).

    I'm going to go one better guys, I'm going to step out of this thread and I'm not going to open it again. I'm sure what's his name (I lose track of them) will try to turn any thread, from shoe size to what you had for breakfast, into a debate about empty force, but I think he's shown his motives for what they really are.

    Bye dude
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    You would too if you had a halo like me.
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    I don't understand why you even wish to learn self defence.
    Your save the world beliefs are highly commendable and I respect you for it. But it wasn't nice of you to mock my teacher.

    Should you be killed by a knife wielding mugger, you could have all your organs donately and possibly save a dozen lives...Just like Cricketeer David Hookes.

    So wouldn't that be ideal...the ultimate altruistic act?
    Your life for a dozen?

    Oh, did I just change the way you see things now ?
    So suddenly your life is quite precious too.

    So is Master Bing's.
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    Theaustralian1, SanYuan, Buyao , Soggycat.... you know what ?I think nzric is suggesting we are all one and the same person , Master Bing himself ..Is that funny ?

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